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Player made quests

Posted: 21 Sep 2013 12:35
by Snowrose
I'm not crazy hear me out here.
one big issue with genesis is lack of wizards, new content, training

one trend with modern free to play mmo is been player made quest arcs
which are good for rp and variety

what they do is make kind of a form where people pick from pre-made maps, NPCs, objectives, quest objects
and fill out a flowchart. they can name and describe their items or go with the generic.
these quests would automatically generated rewards based on complexity.
people can rate them and give them tips

the hard part would be coding the automated quest generator that would prompt people.
and balancing the quests that pop out of it,
the danger is abuse people making farms and very easy quests or vulgar quests.

the benefit is you give people the ability to kind of do wizardly things without the ability to damage anything.
inspiring people who may be very talented with authoring but bad at coding to help the game out.
and it might give the game a plentiful source of quest exp. (or at least lower the brute)

and wizards can approach people who make exceptionally good quests for wizhood,
even add the quests to the game proper.
or use the system to test out wiz hopeful's authoring skills.

Obviously this is not an easy concept and I don't think i have ever seen it done on a mud.
probably for good reason. but it may be something to think on for long term.

Re: Player made quests

Posted: 21 Sep 2013 20:33
by Eowul
While it's a nice idea, the biggest problem with this is that it still requires a lot of wizard work to make a system like this, and as a result of having to select from pre-made areas and quest types (gather item x etc), the variety of quests and areas that are made with this system would be limited.

I can understand though that people would want to contribute to the game without giving up their mortal character, or without having to learn to code. For events and museum rooms, we've frequently used mortals in the past, where they have created the ideas, maps, and all descriptions (which is one of the biggest tasks when creating an area, at least for me), and we turned it into working code. So if you do have a cool idea for an area and are willing to do the work involved, let me know, and we'll see if we can work something out.

Re: Player made quests

Posted: 21 Sep 2013 21:23
by Snowrose
I mainly wanted the idea out there in the universe. im sure you guys already get flooded with ideas and sugestions and you are right the museum has a lot of odd player controbution thingys noone even looks at and there is probibly several quest suggestion forums/boards.

as gorboth put it its hard to be both a good wiz and a good mortal simaltaniously. Was kinda what inspired the idea.