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Re: Potion Making

Post by Yanus » 18 Oct 2013 23:47

Eowul - I like that idea of randomness.
How about adding another effect: different results depending on the order of quaffing potions.
We could also think about some kind of addiction (law of diminishing returns).

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Re: Potion Making

Post by gorboth » 19 Oct 2013 00:08

A potential way to balance things could be that very powerful potions always have drawbacks. Perhaps it boosts your strength, but lowers your con, etc.

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Re: Potion Making

Post by Draugor » 19 Oct 2013 00:26

gorboth wrote:A potential way to balance things could be that very powerful potions always have drawbacks. Perhaps it boosts your strength, but lowers your con, etc.

Or perhaps it could disable your healing for the duration etc? :o


Re: Potion Making

Post by Arcon » 19 Oct 2013 00:44

I like the idea of getting addicted to a potion. Lets say you quaff a strength potion a lot then make it so that you become addicted and your average strength lowers a bit and you need to take a potion just to get back to your normal strength or you could try to fight the addiction and have some negative effects for some time. This would balance powerful potions so you can't be constantly quaffing potions but you will need to change potions and maybe have some time between them or you can quaff several potions during one day but then you will need to wait several days before starting again. The trick will be to find the line between using your potions without getting addicted to them.

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Re: Potion Making

Post by Windemere » 19 Oct 2013 05:27

I think a really useful way to balance, besides the suggestions from Gorboth, Draugor and Arcon, which are all legitimate and viable, is to allow only one effect at a time.

If you quaff a powerful str potion, fine. But you can't quaff anything else without removing the Str buff. So you have to choose. You also can't stack potions. Could set a max threshold so even with potion and imbue you can't go above a certain statavg or some such. This would also make some potions more useful for the smallers and less so for those with huge stats. Equalizing a bit.

I am glad to see some traction on this. I know there are many other priorities at present, but I think this is something that would a lot to the realms, like imbues did, and provide something that will occupy time, entertainingly, besides grinding.

I, personally, would leave Gardeners and spend hours and hours and hours researching this stuff. It's right up my alley.



Re: Potion Making

Post by Laurel » 19 Oct 2013 09:56

Side question:
if you code anything that is not in line with current Ranger potions will it affect Rangers prior to their recode?

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Re: Potion Making

Post by Snowrose » 20 Oct 2013 00:27

I guess the benefit to guild potions is less chance of drawback/addiction.
but i could totally see some randomness added to ranger potions as well.

Id soo join a potion guild in a heartbeat.

i can soo see a down side of trying to overdo potions is being temporarily turned into a defenseless newt. and it requires a poison cure to "get Better"

antitoxin potions would be a cool thing it would take something from the source of the poison. in ivy antidote needs poison ivy a spider antidote needs a "leftover" from a spider. otherwise the ingredients would remain consistent. while there are specific herbal poison cures, it would be nice to be able to keep one set of ingredients and just shove some of what bit you in the brew.

Glow in the dark potion... lights up the room but also lights YOU up canceling stealth and making you easier to hit.

Water breathing/Swimming potions some of these would need to be tailored for the region since all water is not coded in the generic way, it temporarily removes the negative effects of swimming.(small chance to turn you into a fish if this happens you cant leave water without negative effects.)

Teleport potion, Works like the ring. good as a panic button.

Recall potion, returns you home (this would need a long cool down ofc)

Feather fall potion, If you fall with feather fall in your system you take no damage but your stuck ...falling.... a .....really.... long..... long.... yep still falling..... ..... nice view...... long... time.

Poison to coat your weapons, though if your not wearing gloves you may poison yourself.

Disguise potion, Randomly changes your Descriptive adjectives for a short time. eyes and hair emotes will not function. and i know other sorts of polymorphs have also been mentioned. as well as gender/race changers.

smell enhancing potion, increases your ability to find herbs. track. ect downside is garlic/skunk berries do physical damage.

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