Badges, bracelets, rings... One container to bind them all!

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Re: Badges, bracelets, rings... One container to bind them a

Post by Kiara » 13 Mar 2014 04:17

Kvator wrote:You are in possession of many sybarun coins, ten copper coins, a gold coin,
many platinum coins, many silver coins, a marbled agate, two rose quartzes,
seven pink corals, an orange-red garnet, two red jaspers, six glittering
diamonds and a blue-green aquamarine.
You are wearing a golden scabbard.
You are wearing a silver serpentine ring, a platinum and pearl ring, a silver
mermaid ring, a gold and topaz anklet, a gemstone-encrusted collar of a
Knight Grand Cross, a crystalline medallion, a lustrous steel necklace, a
necklace of human hair, a mithril and moonstone pendant, a bone flute, a
trophy belt, a radiant alexandrite-layered vermeil torque, a gilded azure
bracelet, an electrum and lapis lazuli bracelet, a pair of spectacles, a
small brass medallion, a newbie helper pin and a small silver club.
You are wearing the small silver club-brooch on your chest.
You are a Mummer of Sybarus.
You are wearing around your neck a silver chain with a black obsidian rune
hanging from it.
You are wearing your plain pin.
You wear a small felt purse spangled with golden pyrites.
You are wearing your black silver-lined sash.
You are carrying a gnomish fan, a black tabard, a magic map, a piece of
embossed vellum, a small paper certificate, a magic paper, a staff of
Aeria, a riding crop, an old steel key, an ancient storybook, an impressive
ruby-speckled money-sack (open), a multi-colored two-pronged cap with
bells, a lapidarium, a black wooden paddle and a large blood-soaked sack.

beat it :P
And I thought I carried a lot of stuff... but you're a former kender after all so, good work!:)

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Re: Badges, bracelets, rings... One container to bind them a

Post by Kvator » 13 Mar 2014 11:46

thanks :D, just wanted to note that there are also few things not mentioned in 'inventory' ;)

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Re: Badges, bracelets, rings... One container to bind them a

Post by Snowrose » 13 Mar 2014 20:50

i think if i remember correctly it still counts for if you need to cut from corpse and other things like that. its been a while.

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Re: Badges, bracelets, rings... One container to bind them a

Post by Zhar » 13 Mar 2014 21:24

You would sully the dagger blessed by Lady Aeria this way?! Preposterous!

Edit: And I'm almost (99%) sure you can't do that even if you wanted to.
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