"secrecy" of alts - why?

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"secrecy" of alts - why?

Post by Laurel » 20 Mar 2014 17:36

Now seriously - what is the reason this is the most important rule in Genesis? Since always?
Don't give me the bullshit about RP - there is so much metagaming in Genesis (and always has been) that people who only attempted to NOT use it, were glorified as great RP'ers. Recently Castaneda wrote that if he didn't accept it, he'd have stopped playing already (https://www.genesismud.org/forums/viewt ... 954#p22954).
If this is how the game is, why put so much effort and energy into something the game is NOT - RP!
For years I have seen "RP" to be an excuse - excuse for more power as a guild, for abusing positions, for helping friends and griefing non-friends, etc. etc. NOTHING else. The last RP to me died when Garnet stopped playing. Everything else is just a poor attempt of mistaking "covering up your idiocy" for "RP".

Everybody seems to have alts and everybody is aware of it. Everybody IS abusing them this way or another. Having received so much griefing for changing guilds, I dare say - creating alts is the way to play this game. Sticking to one is NOT!

I don't buy this shit, mostly due to quest crap ... but then again, why have it secret too? Everyone who created/s alts just creates macros and triggers to quest them up. Best case was Monika and I still think he OWNED with his macro that quested him up to GA over night after being deleted ... again. It's just crap for those who did them once ... ages ago.

So - I say let go of this idiocy. Let go of this idiotic rules that say you can't do what you are doing anyway. Is this some muslim game, where everybody pretends to go with rules, while breaking them at every possible occasion, as long they have any excuse? This is exactly what I experienced in Egypt when I was living and working there. Everybody pretended everything.

Hell even char trading is allowed in Genesis, so WHY BOTHER?!?!

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Re: "secrecy" of alts - why?

Post by gorboth » 20 Mar 2014 19:33

Laurel wrote:Hell even char trading is allowed in Genesis, so WHY BOTHER?!?!
From our very own <help rules.>

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  Finally, it should be known that the Genesis Administration does not
  permit character swaps. Giving away, lending, or selling a character to
  to be used by anyone other than the original player, even temporarily,
  will result in swift wizard intervention. The consequences for such
  violations can include deletion of characters owned by both parties
By no means is this allowed. I believe, Laurel, that the reason RP still matters, and why people still bother, is that they value it very highly. Genesis has shifted, to be sure. Roleplay is harder to find and much less rarely authentic and steadfast. But it does still exist in pockets with the people who prize it highly. You can make your claims about Garnet being the last bastion now departed, but your opinion on this does not dictate reality. There are still roleplayers, and while they might have a harder time or feel lonely at it, it does not mean it has gone extinct or should not still be held up as worthwhile.

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Re: "secrecy" of alts - why?

Post by Laurel » 20 Mar 2014 22:45

Oh please. Whom are you fooling? Still the same 5-10 people?

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Re: "secrecy" of alts - why?

Post by Draugor » 20 Mar 2014 22:52

gorboth wrote:your opinion on this does not dictate reality.
Kinda like the so called balance document and balance test results do not show reality? :P

Still, I'm agreeing with Gorboth here, keep alts secret unless the player himself says they either dont care or reveal it themselves, otherwise we might aswell just open up a tell line for all players and make it a spammud


Re: "secrecy" of alts - why?

Post by Laurel » 20 Mar 2014 23:07

Draugor wrote:
gorboth wrote:your opinion on this does not dictate reality.
actually I think this is an incredibly good response to most notes of Gorboth and his "thoughts" and "views" on Genesis and it's players

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Re: "secrecy" of alts - why?

Post by Zhar » 21 Mar 2014 01:30

Does it really matter if a character is someone's alt or not?

Also, crazy thing about this questing scripts... You could probably do the quests manually in the time it takes you to write such a script (must be one of the reasons why I never made one).
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Re: "secrecy" of alts - why?

Post by Kiara » 21 Mar 2014 02:12

There are questing scripts? Heh, well you learn something new each day I guess.

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Re: "secrecy" of alts - why?

Post by Zar » 21 Mar 2014 14:27

Zhar wrote:Does it really matter if a character is someone's alt or not?
It does when it comes to guild wars.
You don't know who to trust. That corrodes guild spirit.
Knowing all alts will help to throw away spies.

But on other hand will forbid to people to play separate roleplays

So I am against this kind of transparency

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