making quest solutions public!

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Do you think full quest solutions should be published?

i don't care!
there should be no quests at all (or qexp at least)!
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Re: making quest solutions public!

Post by Greneth » 22 Sep 2014 17:08

Qexp to alts, seriously. I bet you'd see quite a few people come back.


Re: making quest solutions public!

Post by Laurel » 22 Sep 2014 20:09

cotillion wrote:
Laurel wrote:
what actually makes people play games (yeah, the example used is WoW, but works for other games too)
Yeah. But that's a bit off-topic.
Partly. Incoherent quests as a soft requirement to progress above a certain level don't show up anywhere on any "nice to have", not to mention "need to have" lists.

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Re: making quest solutions public!

Post by Ydred » 23 Sep 2014 05:30

So much I want to say here now .... ugh will refrain just cut and erased about 3 pages worth of shit

Anyway .... I just shared the newest quest cheat file I have anyway ... hopefully that player I shared with will return more

Thank you Garnet for giving me my first files.

And Elita for doing so much after.

Those were my main two quest file guys .... Elsach was anotehr within a file .... etc

So nice that what those people lsited above did under threat of you are banned .... and none of those 3 should have ever be banned .... except that they made the game more fun for most ... instead of wizing and making the game fun for say Kith (special xps to first who solved xp bullshit)

Anyway ... I could say so much more ... i wont ... just thanks

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