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Solution for questing pain

Posted: 18 Sep 2014 20:31
by Zar

I think we all experienced pain about questing.
Even Mighty Gorboth admitted that we have a problem in this area

So I have an idea about questing:
Lets make half of quests to be needed to reach quest cap:

Lets say right now we have:
Sum of all quests X
Quest cap is Y (Y > X)
I think brute = total xp/capped quest xp

Lets do:
quest cap = sum of all quests/2 ( calculated, not hard coded, I'll explain later)
brute = total xp/(capped quest xp *2)

People who reached cap:
brute is about the same: new quest cap is about half of old one, but brute multiplies it by 2.

People who didn't reach cap
Brute goes toward pacifistic (everyone is happy). Most will reach the cap.

New players will get better brute for growing and need only half of quests to reach cap.

The only players who have slight negative impact: players who have quest xp over sum of quests (I bet Zar is one of them)
These players will experience slight brute degradation.

Note: why to make quest cap dynamically calculated.
This will make easier to add quests.
With addition of new quest, cap will automatically go up:
People who reached cap will experience brute improvement.
People who has a bit over the cap may find themselves not capped again.

Note: people will still have incentive to quest over cap
1. This is fun to quest just because you want it.
2. This is still XP.
3. To be sure that you don't fall under cap if new quests are added.

Note: This solution covers some current gaps
1. Some ways of roleplaying prevents you from making a lot of quests. Example: If you want to play goblin, you cannot do quests in Minas Tirith,
some quests in Pelargir, some quests are too dangerous with minimal reward. So now people change race to human do the quest and change race back.
This is lame RP.
With new design that won't be required.
2. Grow curve will be easier for newbies (less quests required)
3. We will keep some more people who wants to play alts but find tiresome to quest all the way.
4. I think wizards avoid to make too complex quests or quest that require a lot of effort. This maybe will unchain them.

Note: "Half of quests" may be configured to 60% or 75% or to 50% with some xp (for events)

So, please... Comment and purpose.

Re: Solution for questing pain

Posted: 18 Sep 2014 20:42
by Zar
On a second thought:
sum of quests X
Current cap Y (Y>X)
If we make cap = max(X/2, Y/2) then noone will suffer brute degradation.
And it will stay Y/2 until wizard will add enough quests (X>Y)

Re: Solution for questing pain

Posted: 18 Sep 2014 21:11
by Mortis
I like the idea of flat out giving everyone max quest xp to start.

Switch the give quest xp function to give normal xp times a million or whatever factor makes it give you genuine progress. So if you do a quest, you make more or same xp as you would have from killing. Then choosing between the two is up to the player.

From a work perspective this has a minimal level of effort.

Re: Solution for questing pain

Posted: 19 Sep 2014 06:36
by Zar
People who answer: It doesn't solve anything...

Can you specify problem that this solution doesn't address for quest problem?