Herbs needs to be looked at

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Re: Herbs needs to be looked at

Post by Snowrose » 06 May 2015 09:03

The herb issue comes up a lot in forums and yeah its been on the list a very very long long time.
thats because most changes proposed are pritty expancive.

even simple sounding changes like making heal/mana/cleanse herbs have a different cool down opposed to stat/resist/food herbs because theyd have to go change every herb and there are hundreds if not thousands.
im sure when the herb recode comes around we will be asked for suggestions...

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Re: Herbs needs to be looked at

Post by Mim » 17 Mar 2016 13:25

gorboth wrote:A trained herbalist knows how to properly harvest the herb, whereas an untrained hand might damage the most valuable parts and make it far less effective.
This makes a lot of sense.
It is so sensible that everyone can take such a system to the heart and feel it is a system that is realistic.
Now is it possible to get such a system into the game?

Earlier we had decaying herbs.
This meant each herb was loading at game start, and this was clearly a bad thing.
Watching several hundreds of herbs load was not cool.
Might also have been a system with more downsides than the loading process.

Now we have some new code that loads the items very fast. *ZOOM*
Would it be possible to reinstall herb decay? Maybe limit the amount players carry, by adding some volume to the herbs and limit qarrabas and pouches carrying abilities, making it almost impossible to carry more than a fixed amount of herbs?
Also a high herbalist skill could slow down the decay speed.

And would it be possible to give herb effect depending on who picked them?
Sup guru herbalist pick herbs with full efficiency (100%).
A thug from the backstreets of Sparkle get only herbs with 30% power.

A good herbalist will also see the power of the herb by looking at it.
This blue berry is very fresh and seems to give full benefits by eating it.
The thug will only see the blue berry, he picked. If it is a bad one, or a good one, he cannot see.

If the herb also drop it effects by time, the need to herb new fresh ones will increase.

All this makes sense to me.
But it might also drop the fun for many players.
Some hate herbing. Some can not herb very well due to low skills.
Others would love to see a deeper game when it comes to herbs.
Perhaps the suggested changes would make the herbalist guild to powerful.
Mercs, that can change their skills and become guru herbalists, would also benefit.
But only for a limited time before the herbs decay.

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Re: Herbs needs to be looked at

Post by Etanukar » 17 Mar 2016 17:13

Realism: Check
Depth of enrichment: Check
Overall playability: HUGE RED X

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