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There have been a lot of really good points raised. Healthy discussions are good as they give the project direction. That is, if it ever gets approved.
I can't think anything can ever satisfy everyone. But, good compromises can help everyone to at least agree.

So far, we have determined that:
    item storage is an issue with many people.
    Customization is a well liked trait.
    House access is an area of concern
    Location and limitations are an issue as well
Perhaps something as follows:
‌‌ ‌‌ ‌‌There are two types of houses. Prebuilt, and custom. Prebuilt houses can be furnished as the player wishes. This should probably be buying furnishings from a furniture shop. Custom houses could be for those who buy land in rural areas or gain Lordship and earn a mansion in a city. Doors can be locked or unlocked by anyone who's been given a key. For larger houses, a foyer could be left unlocked with all the important rooms left locked. Everything is customizable for full RP effect.
‌‌ ‌‌ ‌‌Item storage could be limited to items that save with your character when you log out. Like a kitchen for foods, a small safe for a limited amount of money and jewels, a closet for clothes (ones that don't provide armour bonuses), and perhaps somewhere for herbs. These are all things you get to keep normally, it just means you don't have to carry them. It also puts them at risk slightly.. (Kenders! *shakes fist*) Weapons and armour could be turned into decorations. (see below) It makes them unusable, but you still have them around and they survive Arma. Weapon displays could be purchased to store one usable weapon on each. And they would be expensive and take up room in the house.
‌‌ ‌‌ ‌‌As for location, apartments or houses in cities would be first come first serve. Anyone unable to pay their rent or property taxes can be evicted. Property in rural areas can be claimed/bought from the Lord of the nearest city or perhaps the wizard(s) of that domain. Mansions would be the most expensive and hardest to earn, but also be the hardest to lose.

I think something could be arranged along these lines. Of course, it just falls on somebody to code it..

ImageSorry I couldn't make this last one smaller.. It is quite striking, though.

Ody wrote:
Agreed. I'm fine if you want a house. I have no problem with it, but *no racks.* I can tell you now I won't be getting one. My guild is my home, but I can see why younger people who don't see their guild as their home would want it..I guess.
What if your guild house gets burned to the ground? You need somewhere to bunk and prepare for the upcoming war of revenge..

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07 Jun 2016 21:17
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That actually sounds really cool. How exactly would you earn a mansion, though, and how much would the normal houses be? How many rooms? Can you add rooms, etc.? (For instance, if you want to add another bedroom or something, how would that work?)

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07 Jun 2016 22:24
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Hmm. Mansions, I was figuring, would require the player to become a lord of the city. Which would mean lots of money, lots of reputation, and lots of aristocratic nature. (i.e. You better wear lace well)

Prebuilt houses or property for rent would require the landlord to upgrade the building or property. Whether the landlord is a player or NPC is another issue. Could add extra depth to the concept. Number of rooms and cost would really depend on the city it's in. Poor cities have shabby, run down apartments that are cheap, while rich cities have nice apartments that are a little more expensive. Same with Houses.
A custom house, on a property you buy, would be much simpler to upgrade. Sort of. Gather the materials and pay a contractor. Boom, extra room. Could have a time requirement to help with realism. Houses don't get built instantly, you know. There could be some sort of layout creator when building the house to begin with.. Choose the main entrance side, say south, add medium room to west, add small room to right, add hallway to north, add stairs... Et cetera. Something straight forward and dynamic.

Still a lot to think about though..

Cherek is right.. I'm going to have to Wiz at some point.. :ugeek:

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07 Jun 2016 23:46
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Normally I think player housing is a fun thing in games since it allows you to create something that is yours alone.

In Genesis I am not so sure though.

I am very rusty in LPC but I don't think I would have too much trouble making them, since I remember actually making a system that could do it back in the 90's.
Making them useful, fully customizable and relevant is another matter though.

There is simply too many things you could do with player housing and I predict that many people would keep focusing on making suggestions for new stuff to add to them.
That's not entirely a bad idea but if you take a wizard, and we don't have too many of those active, and have him/her work on the houses it means one less wizard for actual content.
If we had a horde of active wizards I think it could be a fun thing to work on. It would require a lot of attention though since there would always be more things to add and personally I would feel a bit bad if it was my project since there are so many other things that needs fixing or could use a revamp.

I think we run the risk of just moving people away from each other if everyone just live in their own house. I think part of the joy of Genesis is logging in, in your guildhall, a possibly meeting a few guildmates you can have a chat with. That could disappear if everyone, probably mainly the big, old, rich players, just move away to their own castle.

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12 Jun 2016 09:34
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