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Cadets and Academy - Natural teaming? 
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Joined: 27 Mar 2016 04:54
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The Cadets of Gelan and the Academy of Elemental Arts share the same building and in theory are the same school. Shouldn't there be linkages to promote teaming between the two. The simplest is that the Cadets' "clist" and the Academy's equivalent could also show who is active from the other part of the school. Thus we can see who we can "thematically" team with.

The main reason I suggested this is I was recently a cadet and whenever I used "clist" I would see very few cadets active (1 - me, 2, or rarely 3). But I know academics are active, I just did not come across them often. Being able to clist them would have been helpful. It also felt wierd being a part of a school where the students were completely segregated from each other.

02 Apr 2016 19:00

Joined: 29 Nov 2013 02:53
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More might join the cadets if there was more benefit to doing so before certain mortal levels, than say joining the mercenaries.

If you allowed cadets to pay half the amount of what skills cost normally, it would be worthwhile to join them instead of mercenaries. Not a huge savings since they only train to superior journeyman, but when you are small and have no money, anything helps. Myself I would let them train all stuff for free and when they leave guild, all training is zero'd out. So they would have to save in time but not right away.

If you gave cadets double kill xps it would allow them to grow faster til a certain mortal level. Say Adept.

Currently anyone who wants the most bang for their buck joins mercs as soon as they leave the newbie isle.

Cadets is for those who want the graduation ring and nothing more.

Probably not good for the actual new newbies.

02 Apr 2016 19:28
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Joined: 04 Mar 2010 04:46
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Actually -- Cadet Special is really quite good.
I would highly suggest newbies leaving Tutorial area to join them over the mercs..
I believe (though don't quote me) the taxation is much less.

If something I wrote sounds confusing ... assume you misunderstood it.

02 Apr 2016 22:33
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Joined: 23 Jan 2016 08:28
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Yeah, I was gonna say, you have to invest a lot (for a newbie) in mercs before you can beat donk. Cadets also has a smaller scope, so if you really are new then it may help you to focus on things you actually need. The transition from cadets to mercs was a little jarring, but it maps well to the time when you get kicked out of orc temple:

  • Cadets
  • Farm temple
  • Graduate
  • Join mercs
  • Spend every last copper on merc skills
  • Farm temple
  • Get kicked out around the time when merc attack seems as good as donk was.

02 Apr 2016 23:56

Joined: 29 Nov 2013 02:53
Posts: 237
Yea, Donk is pretty good. But not the way I think.

I prefer training my def parry to sup journeyman and then spending 20 plats to increase them to confident veteran. And then I focus on a weapon to sup journeyman. And get it to confident vet with abit more cash. And by this I mean the adaptability of course. And not long after I have sup guru weapon. And shortly after sup guru def parry.

That is way more powerful than donk and costs same money to sup journeyman, save the adapt pts (first 50 are only 20plats). And the nice defence allows me to only need a robe to run around, which having low small guy strength is very nice. Oh and forgot shield. But anyway, I think defensively while small.

03 Apr 2016 02:59

Joined: 27 Nov 2013 01:34
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The unfortunateness of the cades, as Ydred mentioned is the ring. Being the sentimental type, I keep it... but it does inhibit me from laying waste to Gelan. bugger

04 Apr 2016 16:06
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