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Re: Alignment

Post by Arman » 22 Jun 2016 07:48

Personally, i think the alignment system is way too simplistic. Knights are good. But they have had their issues with other races classed as good. They were even prepared to go to war with the elves and dwarves over a dragon orb! At one point during the War of the Lance the people of Kalaman were more than happy to lynch a knight.

And I don't have to talk about dwarves. Both hill and mountain dwarves are technically "good", but they have such strong blood feuds that they would take as much joy out of bashing one of the cousins as they would a greenskin.

If we were to really have a look at this system, I'd almost prefer a dynamic reputation system for the different races and guilds that would change based on a players actions.. killing or attacking certain creatures, joining certain guilds etc.

Now that would be a system that would be a lot of work :). But while we are talking pie-in-the-sky stuff I thought i'd add it :)

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Re: Alignment

Post by Alisa » 22 Jun 2016 07:57

Arman wrote:Now that would be a system that would be a lot of work :). But while we are talking pie-in-the-sky stuff I thought i'd add it :)
Well, the exact reason for the idea was that it is simple.
Now alot seem to miss the part "In Addition" :-)

Which means no change to current system.

My thoughts was that you could make a trigger on attack, catch the alignment value of the mob, modify it by a percentage perhaps so attacking doesnt count as much as killing, and add that value to alignment and a deterioating variable. Maybe even set a limit on the variable so you cant get more alignment change than X for just attacking...

For me, that seems like the simplest, effective solution that does a bit towards most good.

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Re: Alignment

Post by nils » 23 Jul 2016 21:16

The alignment system has been broken from the get-go if you ask me.

Consider what evil people do in the real world. They care little wether their foe is a mass murderer or an infant. An evil person could also go through life just screwing people over, and not kill a single soul. We see a lot of those on wall-street. *wink*

A good person, however, one could argue is a pacifist and hence does not kill nor screw people over, period.

Now, this would be silly in a game such as genesis, and hence should alignment be a choice not an effect of who you kill. You choose an alignment, and play your character as such. Wether or not it should be a permanent choice upon character creation, I'm not sure. I'll leave that one up for debate.
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