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Re: Rack-ish

Posted: 01 Sep 2016 13:35
by morgzaash
I do hope you're wrong. Paying tax for racks ??
Maybe some @wiz could help us enlight it a bit ?

PS I still vote for additional adj in items . Counting which sword get from rack , even if you know its unsaving when you may use:
"get nonsaving corrupted sword from rack" ....

I know its not much time to check, count , get. But when you should do it on EACH item platemai/graves/bracers/helm/rone/weapon/shield ....
game should be fun ....

PS2 maybe wizards could choose best racks in game and simply put it in place where every wiz could add it to his guild/room.
- its easer to include working racks then to write it
- its much faster
- each change will work for every rack so no need to change dozen of files ....