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Posted: 03 Sep 2016 22:54
by Kitriana
interesting topic on reddit : ... _in_a_mud/

some cool ideas if any wizards are looking for them for guilds in process of being built/recoded

Re: Pets/Summoning

Posted: 05 Sep 2016 00:58
by Arman
Heh. There are two guilds like that in the works... Obviously Gorboth's necromancers - which of what I have seen looks amazing - but also a guild that allows you to find an animal companion that grows alongside you as you adventure... What I've seen of that code is also pretty impressive.

Mind just because they are in the works doesn't mean they ever see the light of day... It's amazing how many guilds have been started and not be completed... *caveat to manage expectations!! *

Re: Pets/Summoning

Posted: 05 Sep 2016 09:19
by Kitriana
cool :)