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Emmiline Calaith
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Re: Tutori Isle

Post by Emmiline Calaith » 30 Sep 2016 20:28

Cherek wrote:
Mirandus wrote:The quest has been updated to reflect the changes Cherek had intended to make.
Thanks a lot Mirandus!

And yes, I agree we should keep the good/evil choice, and it should be noticable in the align. But now, with the changes I already thought was live in the game, our new players can recover from the initial choice they make and chose another path in life reasonably easy.

Good thing you brought this up Emmiline, or I had kept on thinking I did this months ago. I think I am gonna find some new wizard to blame all this on since it's obviously unthinkable that _I_ made a mistake.:) Twire! Seriously! How could you not have fixed this already!! *fume*
Hahaha! Always happy to help. Thanks a lot, Cherek and Mirandus! :D
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