Herb identification

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Herb identification

Post by Drazson » 04 Dec 2016 22:50

I understand how if I can't understand that the "big blue mushroom" is the herb named X and I can't use <put X in pouch> etc or see "many Xs" in inventory and examinations.

When a herb is identified (when good enough with herbs) you can use <put X in pouch> normally yet you still see "big blue mushroom" in description of inventory etc. Is that intended? I suggest making X visible to the skilled ones if not.

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Re: Herb identification

Post by Magtei » 15 Jan 2017 09:22

Obviously late, but...
I would guess it is intentional. I have often wanted what you describe, but it would make inventories less visual by showing obscure names instead of telling you what the items are instead of how they look. The current berry confusion is consistent with key confusion, where we see "iron key" instead of "key to __".

Anyway, most keep their herbs in pouches which have extra code to show the identified name, so the idea is certainly implementable on a surface level. Only a wizard could say whether it would require extra work due to commands like <peek> and <steal>.

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