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Opening up the Amazons

Posted: 15 Jan 2017 09:03
by Magtei
On wizardly advice, I am posting (and expanding on) my suggestion from the in-game board for feedback.

In all writings I have found about the Amazons of the Silent Forest, their identity is based around being female, and I never noticed the word "human". Perhaps they came from a human tribe at some point in the distant past, but I could not find it, and Calia's history includes all races from the start. Given that the Amazons are few enough that Sister Ophelia has been willing to trust
anyone with a token, perhaps they would open their arms to females of other races? Recent times have been turbulent, and Caliana herself demonstrated what a non-human can achieve.

Greater tolerance among the Amazons would greatly expand options for female dwarves, hobbites, and gnomes (especially gnomes) while leaving plenty of human-only guilds. It would not solve the problem for the males, but the change seems simple and historically consistent.

On the other hand:
[*]Would an all-races female group be racial? Sort-of, if we call it a "race" of sisters. Members of the Amazon "race" are already adoptive out of necessity.
[*]There are already gender-based clubs, particularly Nisse Ohtar ( ... =27&t=1560). I've never met anyone from there, and know little about it. I do not know whether having two all-race warrior sistherhoods would make sense, only that neither is serving its purpose right now and that the Amazons are low-hanging fruit for expanding racial guild options.
[*]If more female players join the Amazons, there might be fewer in the other guilds. Of course, most interaction is through occupational and layman.

What do you think?

Re: Opening up the Amazons

Posted: 15 Jan 2017 18:19
by Thalric
I can't see a problem in allowing multiple races.

In that way it would be no different than the Krynn Racial.

I believe it is as empty as it is, since the skills and abilities offered are next to useless. (But that is another story)

Re: Opening up the Amazons

Posted: 15 Jan 2017 19:27
by Kitriana
As a previous member of this guild .. I would agree that the abilities and skills are rather sad.
But the RP potential that this guild has is really awesome.
Would love to see a wizard take up this guild and make it into something special.

Re: Opening up the Amazons

Posted: 16 Jan 2017 14:50
by Tharandil
perhaps make it free for any female to join without needing someone to let you in?

Re: Opening up the Amazons

Posted: 17 Jan 2017 21:45
by Magtei
I thought the recommendation requirement was relaxed, but if not, I agree.
Since people have more to say about skills than about the race restriction - how would you feel about emphasizing the skills associated with the historical Amazons? Specifically, mounted archery.

Fun interviews with the lead historian: ... al-amazons ... -cannabis/
And the second one suggests unexplored dress/RP options, too.

Re: Opening up the Amazons

Posted: 18 Jan 2017 15:23
by Cherek
We have discussed this, and looked into it, and it if we ignore the obvious history concerns (Amazons are by default humans in "real" history) it also seems to require a quite recode to allow other races. It's not only the technical part, but there are also several parts of the guilds and its theme that needs to be changed to be "we are strong women", not "we are strong human women". So for this to happen it would require someone willing to take on the project, and Jaacar's permission as liege of Calia of course.