More places to repair armour (Sparkle, Bree etc)

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More places to repair armour (Sparkle, Bree etc)

Post by Dakhor » 06 Apr 2017 15:49

Hello There

Why are there so few competent smiths that are able to repair armours in the realms?

As Sparkle is the hub lets hire a blacksmith to setup shop there.

Also I find it weird that the Blacksmiths guild in Bree dont offer their services to non members. Are they such a secretive bunch?


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Re: More places to repair armour (Sparkle, Bree etc)

Post by Draugor » 06 Apr 2017 19:00

Well... if there are no smiths in the guild, ofc they cant fix your stuff? Try getting a hold of a member and see if they can repair for you, they will ofc set their own price tho...

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