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Joined: 04 Mar 2010 12:39
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This is quite disheartening.
Returning after a long absence and not able to respond to mails.

Your mailbox contains 321 messages.
All messages in your mailbox were read before.
POSTMASTER -> It is time to clean up!
POSTMASTER -> You have more than 250 messages in your mailbox!

How about an archive command where you can store your mails in game? With new gizmo and todays tech it should be too much to handle, or?

08 May 2017 22:43
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Joined: 10 Mar 2010 05:52
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I agree 100%

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09 May 2017 07:50
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250 is so much better than 50.....

09 May 2017 12:50
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Joined: 10 Mar 2010 05:52
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nils wrote:
250 is so much better than 50.....


Angmar! ANGMAR!! ANGMAR!!!
Pulp Znuga! PULP!!!!

09 May 2017 13:54

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Yeah was 50 back in the days.
Then upped to 100.

Now it's more :P

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09 May 2017 14:33

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I can't even imagine only being allowed to have 50 mails...

250 is a blessing compared to that. I'm planning on cleaning my mail out soon and just putting all the mails on a Google Doc.

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09 May 2017 14:44
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You people are so popular..
Both my characters together don't have twenty messages.

[-_- ]
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09 May 2017 19:31
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Actually, having an unlimited mailbox isn't all good either. Then you get lazy, don't clean things out, and suddenly when you type <more> it spams 2000 rows and then says *truncated* so you don't even see your new mails. Eventually it grows so big your only realistic option is to do <d 1-2000>. Yes, I know this for a fact.:)

Cotillion or Mercade would have to be the ones answering if it's technically a good idea to up the mailbox limits again, although I don't think so much more is reasonable if you look at the usuability? A very long list of mails just gets very hard to sort and keep track of. Unless we had some more serious way to store things with folders and archives and stuff... which we don't at the moment. If we set the limit to, say 1000, I bet a lot of players would do just like I did, simply keep all mails, and before they know it, they have a massive list of 1000 mails to go through... which they won't, and then they just delete them all, losing anything important in the process. Smaller limits are more managable and forces people to sort out mails they don't need now and then?

But what exactly is it you're asking for Chanele? A way to archive favorite / important mails, that helps sort your mails, or simply a higher limit than 250 mails? If so, how high?

10 May 2017 04:12
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