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Tools for players inquisitive about what X is the best 

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No Way, needs to be kept to within guilds 43%  43%  [ 6 ]
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Tools for players inquisitive about what X is the best 
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Lots of people love to gather knowledge about the game.
Not that many starting out or in relaxed to be in guilds have the tools to find out about equipment.
With a few execptions. But doubtful everyone wants those for their main character.

Idea have a dedicated area with more NPCs that anyone can use to build their knowledge.

Sort of like the way u can give a herb to a herbalist and they tell you the name and what it does.
And the way the imbuement NPC could be paid to identify imbuements.

Suggested new stuff.
An area in Sparkle
NPCs a weapon master for each weapon type.
For a small fee they can compare two non magic weapons tell you the relative strengths and weaknesses.
For a large fee can do same for magic weapons. But not taking enchantments into equation.
Similar NPC and fees for armours
Training dummys, fee per dummy to use, different (all including an undead) races
Different types. One is easy to hit high HP. One is hard to hit lower HP. One is average everything. Scaled off the players stat average. A player can put armours on them.
Very low distribution between dummy stats, skills whatever.
Can use spells and abilities as you like.
After u defeat it you get a time.
Players could use this to test whole setups or individual things practically in a repeatable way. But different sized players results not directly comparable.

All this is controversial? It would put the tools in player hands to rank and classify equipment on a great scale.

The final wishlist item is more contraversial then.
An NPC you can pay to magic identify items.
Can give them it and they keep it for a free low lvl identify. Low chance of failure.
Can pay them medium fee and keep it for same service.

Can pay a very sizable fee for a full identify, small to medium chance that item is destroyed and u get half fee back if it was. Maybe need to bring him components as well.

Fees need to be high so guilds this would make feel hard done by still have a nice advantage.

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17 May 2017 21:58

Joined: 21 Mar 2016 09:17
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I think the dummies especially are a good idea.

Alea iacta est. Serius regredi est.

18 May 2017 18:05
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Joined: 09 Mar 2010 20:33
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A lot of older players already know the general lay of the land, what the enchantments of particular stuff does. So benefits for newer players could be bigger.

If anyone wants to run tests they already can. Versus whatever NPCs they think r most relevant and stable. Just get the stop watch out do it several times and take an average.

Very inquisitive people may even create seconds for a similar purpose of getting access to magic identify. ItsNotHardLol

Just if this was created it would encourage such behaviour. Possible downsides players then only want what's best, rest is trash.
But the way our equip system is I think we r happy to have anything good and best is a rare treat.

Possible upside, lots of players excited to make their own investigations into the massive amounts of diverse equipment we have available

Join up and help each other with Quests :)

18 May 2017 19:09
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