P.G. of S exstension

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P.G. of S exstension

Post by Sibbedidenn » 25 May 2017 16:29

I wonder if it wouldn't be a good thing to have An, extended Patrol Guild. It would be an exstension of the one in the Tutori Isle, and would function as a meeting place for newbs to stew together you know; get into groups easier, bask in the soupy newbieness and all that, whatnot. Why not??? Now one of you Wizards wave your magic wand and get it done, for me. Not like you have to spend hours coding and coding or anything like that. [Wave] the wand, and WAM, it's there. We are all in the soup together anyway, so why not have it easy? What?

Seriously though, I submit this idea, as I have felt the need—outside of the schools at Gelan—to have a fraternal place to run with the fellows. I am looking at that wonderful , Gorboth, specifically; who is immensely helpful in all things it seems and is a splendid Wiz. More so I hope that whatever immediate objections there may be, that the nitty-gritty of the submission as an idea would more abstractly be taken into account.

Eager for a conversation on the matter, but nontheless I would settle for a rather pat put-down. ;)
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Re: P.G. of S exstension

Post by Cerin » 25 May 2017 16:38

They have two of those. The Cadets and the Academy, they are based in Calia.

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Re: P.G. of S exstension

Post by Drazson » 25 May 2017 17:03

Maybe lead people towards the Cadets implying that it's the Patrol Guild of the "big boys"? Something like that?

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Re: P.G. of S exstension

Post by gorboth » 25 May 2017 20:27

I don't know what more to do than what is already done with the Town Crier quests which specifically lead players to the Cadet's Academy in Gelan.

Mmmmmm ... pie ...

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Re: P.G. of S exstension

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 25 May 2017 21:08

They lead me there about two weeks ago as I am trying to tidy up loose end quests.
Didn't realise there was a magic cadets before then!
Thanks for the guided learning G
Join up and help each other with Quests :)

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