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Re: Gardeners Ideas

Post by Shanoga » 08 Jun 2017 22:09

Zugzug wrote:Like I said, I think it would be cool if you could buy a plot of land, and maybe even hire some big powerful guards for it (for a ton of money?), but if someone who comes along who can "take care" of your guards, they should be able to smash your garden into pieces, if they want to. Or just pick your herbs up. I am sure people who are in grind mode would appreciate that new killing grounds. :D
What if the guards you hired were even bigger players masquerading as guards. Draw your enemies in, then pounce when they think they are the aggressors. The twists!

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Re: Gardeners Ideas

Post by Mim » 15 Jun 2017 23:34

Tarax the Terrible wrote: Would be cool to hear of a whitehorn seed selling for 1000 platinum on AH.
I can pick 10 fresh whitehorns for you for that price.
No time waste in a garden. A plain and quick trade.
As an explorer, you have done enough to retire.

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Re: Gardeners Ideas

Post by Luma » 21 Jul 2017 19:52

Etanukar wrote:Those pesky rabbits got into the cabbage again! Guess what, it happens in real life. Now you can spend extra money on theft deterrents, but there is no 100% guarantee on anything.
I like the idea of a small chance of being able to get a seed maybe not 1/1000, but maybe it get's easier the higher herbalism you have (gardening skill?), I also think there is a chance that some rabbits eating your herbs (if you have poison stuff can that kill them?) I don't think private plots are realistic. Maybe occupation guilds that train herbalism get to have a garden where members can plant stuff.

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