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Gardeners Ideas

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 16:28
by Emmiline Calaith
Hi everyone! So today I started brainstorming an idea that popped into my head for the Gardeners' guild with some other players. I think that we came up with some pretty cool ideas. Here is a log of the conversation (Zugzug's protests have been included as he requested):

Emmiline - Today at 9:43 AM
I think it would be cool for gardeners to be able to have like, their own garden plots or something.
Zugzug - Today at 9:45 AM
and you can plant anything there? i think that would sort of kill the point of searching for herbs :smiley:
Emmiline - Today at 9:45 AM
No not anything
It could be an add-on. Hear me out real quick.
You go herbing, and from every couple of herbs or something like that, you get a seed.
But you have to have the herb identified, and you have to herb the plant in order to get the seed. You can't buy it in a store because they're dried/already harvested by the herbalist(edited)
Then you use the seeds to plant a plant. You get a few of that herb from the plant but can only harvest the plant once.
Emmiline - Today at 9:48 AM
Don't you think that'd be cool though? I think it'd be a nice addition. Especially for those who want to play a merchant type character.
Avatar (Old Evil) - Today at 9:48 AM
I do agree
I see no harm in it
Emmiline - Today at 9:49 AM
Think I should make the suggestion?
Dravian - Today at 9:49 AM
It would bring new emphasis to tading skills, item identifying and such.
Zugzug - Today at 9:49 AM
but where do you grow it?
Emmiline - Today at 9:49 AM
@Dravian Exactly.
Zugzug - Today at 9:49 AM
carry the pot with you all the time?
Dravian - Today at 9:49 AM
Hunter occupational...
Emmiline - Today at 9:49 AM
@Zugzug I'd say that maybe a few rooms could be added around the gardener guild maybe?
Dravian - Today at 9:49 AM
tracking and such.
Emmiline - Today at 9:49 AM
And when you look at the room it'll be like
Avatar (Old Evil) - Today at 9:49 AM
One of the few events I liked over the years, was the guild tree one
Emmiline - Today at 9:50 AM
"In this room you see your garden"
Zugzug - Today at 9:50 AM
@Emmiline But what's going to stop a big bad old Angmar from coming in a collecting herbs from your plants?
Emmiline - Today at 9:50 AM
@Dravian I think that'd tie in really well.
Avatar (Old Evil) - Today at 9:50 AM
A big bad old angmar? We have one of those???
Zugzug - Today at 9:50 AM
i mean people would just hang around there and collect all your herbs
Zugzug - Today at 9:50 AM
then smash your pots with his club and laugh :smiley:
Emmiline - Today at 9:51 AM
@Zugzug The wizards would code it so that you can only <harvest [herb] from my garden>
Zugzug - Today at 9:51 AM
bah, but that's a cheap workaround trick
Avatar (Old Evil) - Today at 9:51 AM
Code a room, where only a specific person can enter. Once you rent the room, you get a key and can enter it. It will then create an instance, just folr you
Emmiline - Today at 9:51 AM
That would also work. It could be that you're renting a greenhouse maybe?
Zugzug - Today at 9:51 AM
i mean, it would work, but what about thieves who want to steal your stuff? why u never think of me?
Avatar (Old Evil) - Today at 9:52 AM
an instanced greenhouse. Yes
Emmiline - Today at 9:52 AM
I like it!
Zugzug - Today at 9:52 AM
don't think it will ever happen. too easy to abuse?
Emmiline - Today at 9:52 AM
@Zugzug Your time will come, when the herbs are in unprotected herb jar.
Zugzug - Today at 9:52 AM
and it's not fair to non-gardeners who want to grief you or steal from you
Emmiline - Today at 9:52 AM
Maybe each greenhouse can only have a certain number of herb plants in it?

According to when I <list guilds>, Ckrik is the guildmaster for the gardeners and therefore would most likely be the one to code this I'm assuming. However, to all wizards I ask, is something like this feasible, and something that you'd consider adding to Genesis?

Also, any additional ideas from both wizards and players are more than welcome. :) I personally believe that this would add a lot of positive possibilities to the game.

Re: Gardeners Ideas

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 17:16
by Melarec
This is a really neat idea..
Mind if I summarize? The conversation may be hard to read for some.

Player specific gardens that can yield herbs of the players choice.
Herbs must be planted from freshly harvested herbs.
Limited planting space.

This would be a really neat addition, especially since it would give Gardeners an actual Garden.

~My own additions to this idea:
~~Depending on your guild rank (Do gardeners even have guild ranks?) or perhaps skills, one can plant from one to four (five?) herbs.
~~The plot/greenhouse/bed should definitely be player specific. (A gardener trying to protect his plants from thieves would probably plant a few poisonous plants around to protect his/her valuable plants. So, anyone who tries to steal from another's plot gets something poisonous instead. But that may be hard to code, so just player specific might be for the best.)
~~Harvested herbs should get a variable "seeds" that can be true or false.
~~~A player can try to convert any harvested herb into seeds. If the "seeds" variable is true, they have a chance of harvesting seeds from the herb. The herb would be destroyed whether seeds were yielded or not.
~~~If the "seeds" variable is false, a message, "You can tell that this herb has no seeds." or something. Perhaps only if your herbology skill is high enough.
~~Plants would need a certain amount of care in order to grow properly. If not tended to, the plant dies.
~~A new skill: Planting, or Gardening. Would determine how easily you can grow specific herbs. Would also affect the yield of plants.

There could also be added a fruit and vegetable garden. Tended by the NPCs, it could grow food periodically. Tomatoes, peppers, gardeny foods.

All this would bring a lot more appeal to the Gardeners, I'd say.
While I'm not currently a member, so I don't know for certain, it seems to me that the "Gardeners" guild is more of a "Foragers" guild.
Give them a garden! Make gardening great again!

Re: Gardeners Ideas

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 19:03
by gorboth

Made all the more fun by ridiculous amounts of daily upkeep needed, of course, right? ;-)


Re: Gardeners Ideas

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 19:18
by Tarax the Terrible
All gardeners needs for appeal is herbalism skill, that some guild combos are completely starved of while others get good levels even from a racial guild.

Re: Gardeners Ideas

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 19:31
by Drazson
This would make sense in a sandbox style economy where you buy your land and use various crafting skills or even styles and start buil.... *drools*. I guess that would be too much of a standalone addition, wouldn't it? Unless every craft guild gets one. Gardeners with their gardens, smiths with their own smithies and... and... Mariners with their own... seas?

Re: Gardeners Ideas

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 20:27
by Tarax the Terrible
I do like the idea tho, reminds me of other guilds that had their own semi secret herb gardens.
They r in the open and any one can herb there but was only really members of the guild that bothered to.
Like Rivendel has gardens full of Athelas
Kaheda the old monks had gardens off a non obvious exit with surraine and attanar type herbs.
Secret society has a little herb area with herbs from all over.
I found those just exploring around.

I don't like private room idea, even tho it could be coded to not be usable as a droproom.
Think its better done in a community.

If its open to public gardeners haven't got much of an area.
And ppl are constantly there looking for skunks.

So I'd prefer it tied to occupational guilds.
Give them a handul of herb rooms, public can get there too.

The seed idea is very cool!
But it make it hard as hell to get seeds, like 1 in 10000 chance or more.
Or maybe linked to herbs difficulty to identify.

Would be cool to hear of a whitehorn seed selling for 1000 platinum on AH.

Re: Gardeners Ideas

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 21:13
by gorboth
Yeah - I love the idea that seeds are a super-rare commodity. That would be incredibly awesome.


Re: Gardeners Ideas

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 21:45
by Emmiline Calaith
I agree that it shouldn't be super easy to get the seeds, however I don't think it should be nearly impossible to get them. The intention behind this idea is partially to give an opportunity for those who want to play a merchant-type character to do so, with the additional usage for those who just want to grow their own herbs. Maybe it could be based off of a mix of your Gardener title and how common an herb is? The amount of herbs you harvest from your garden could depend on this as well.

Also, Tarax, you make an interesting point about it being open to the public, while Melarec definitely had a good idea about player-specific plots.. What if there was a back door in the Gardener shed that led to the backyard gardens? And instead of private rooms, if people don't like the thought of that, maybe it could be an open community area as you suggested, except each gardener can only take herbs from their own patch? So basically you would go to the backyard, and it could be separated into several rooms as well, with a bunch of different people's garden patches in them. And when you get to the room that your patch is in, the description says something like, "Here, you find your own garden patch amongst those of other fellow gardeners." Then, you basically have a command to examine your garden, water it, harvest things, ect. Kind of like this:

>exa garden
This is your personal garden patch. Upon examining each of the herbs you have planted, you spot a skunkberry plant, a frosty raspberry plant, two whitehorn plants and an attanar plant.
>exa whitehorn plant
This is a whitehorn plant in your garden. It looks to be about halfway from being harvestable.
You notice that this plant could use some water.
>water whitehorn plant
You water the whitehorn plant. It looks healthier.
>exa frosty raspberry plant
This is a frosty raspberry plant in your garden. It looks to be fully grown and ready to be harvested.
>harvest frosty raspberry from my garden
You harvest the frosty raspberry plant.
You receive six frosty red berries from the frosty raspberry plant.

>harvest berry
You attempt to get a seed from the herb, but find your efforts fruitless.
>harvest berry
You attempt to get a seed from the herb.
You receive a seed from the herb.

Not sure if this would be considered more feasible for the game mechanics but this is what I thought of when I read your responses.

Re: Gardeners Ideas

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 22:57
by Shanoga
I think this idea is great. I agree with Tarax that Gardeners already have a great benefit with the high herbalism. I think it would be great if this was available to everyone, but almost impractical those with low herbalism. In other words, a smith could still garden to take a break from the forges, but he wouldn't be able to grow much and would almost never get seeds. Also, the rooms could be private with a possible guest list? That way nobody can have it invaded/stolen...unless someone managed to successfully disguise themselves as an honored guest? Hmm.

If this was something exclusive to Gardeners, should Smiths get something exclusive to them as well? What added value would be reasonable?

Re: Gardeners Ideas

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 23:45
by Tarax the Terrible
Hmmmm I figured u could find seeds randomly when u were searching for herbs.

So the idea is you can try to get seeds from herbs u have, does it destroy the herb?
If so yeah 10,000 to be able to grow a few at a time would be a bit excessive.

PS u need a tree in your garden to grow whitehorns, everyone knows that :lol: