Sparkle Library Update

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Sparkle Library Update

Post by Tindell » 21 Aug 2017 10:14

Having come back after 12 years I'm basically back to newbie status in regards to a few things, including exciting new guild changes! (I logged into find I was guildless and had to go find where the Mercs had moved to)

When possible I like to get information in game, just because it adds to the feel of tracking down info and being in character.
I found that the Sparkle library, probably many a new player's go-to spot for information, is a bit out of date in the occupational guilds section, and maybe others, too.

Would it be possible for someone to do a quick sweep through there? The three I noticed were Army of Angmar and School of High..Magic? Sorcery? aren't in the library, and the Mercenaries are out of date.

Much appreciated!
-- The slightly lost and confused, but happy to be back, Tindell --

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