The Dragon of Tyr

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The Dragon of Tyr

Post by Alteor » 25 Jan 2018 06:25

during the timeline of Darksun that is present in Genesis (with Kalak leading the Gladiator's guild, something that on Darksun plotline is related to The Dragon) there was alive a creature named "The Dragon of Tyr", that was in that timeline the only existing user of the dragon metamorphosis spell in Athas.

In Athas there is a school of magic called "defiler", that drains HP of living creatures (plants included, and is part of the reason why place is a desert), and converts to mana and spellcasting power.

Kalak's reason to have the Gladiators, is that he intends to them get famous enough to them draw about 40.000 people or so to watch tournament on the Arena near his Ziggurat, then he intends to drain the HP of all spectators to fuel his dragon spell (in later Darksun books this is only a partial success, 40.000 lives is not enough to fuel his spell), then he plans in later challenging the Dragon of Tyr.


Some of his stats translated of sorts to our rules:

Mortal Level around Myth + 50%
"white attacks" are claw, tail, bite.
armour is high enough that non-magic weapons don't damage him.
any non-steel weapon do half of the damage after armour calculations. (yes, Smith of Tyr being stingy on selling steel weapons is partially related)
80% of resistance to all forms of magic.
maximum guild level OCC spellcaster focused on vampiric spells (he is not undead though, neither necromancer)
maximum guild level OCC psionic spellcaster
can cast magic and psionic spells at same time
very rare breath attack that can kill an unarmoured myth+20% knight, any enemies with HP around titan or below get completely wiped off the map, their bodies, loot, etc... are all destroyed (for this very reason he avoids using it when weak enemies are present unless he thinks he will really die, he doesn't want to destroy the loot)
can regenerate 5% of his maximum HP per turn
his favourite spells when fighting a single enemy is drain person HP to heal himself and restore his mana.
favourite spell when fighting groups is AoE psionic attack.
when an enemy die, a portion of that enemy maximum HP becomes mana for the dragon.

his location is not fixed, he is always roaming, and attack any strong character (PC or NPC) it finds. it ignores small chars, not worth his effort, his interest in attacking is to sustain his magic by draining life force of strong people. He never enters Tyr itself for some reason.

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