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Re: Karkadelt's Duel Amulets

Post by Arman » 09 Feb 2018 08:39

Cherek wrote:
Rincon wrote:Fireball was awesome! I remember playing from a university computer lab with 4 friends and we had a blast. We were shouting at the top of our lungs and other students were staring at us like we were mental ;)
I really had a blast too the few times I've played. Yes, there is a learning curve, but it's not as complicated as it looks on first glance. It's really very nicely designed and it's a bit sad so few know about it. I remember getting the hang of it pretty quickly, but I also remember that one of the players in our team was quite clueless so we put that person as a goalie, as that's the least complicated position. So to play you basically need three people who understands it, and then you need to teach a goalie to just stand in goal and kick the ball to a teammate after making a save.:)

I've always wanted to create a "Fireball World Cup" event. I think that could be pretty awesome, and would raise the awareness for Fireball. Since there is a real world cup coming up this year it would be quite fitting too. If I find myself with time over one day, and if Petros like the idea, perhaps it can happen. Or if I can convince some other wizards to code it... any volunteers?:)
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