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Club expansion, testing the waters 
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Greetings to all.

Straight to the point: Personally, I would love seeing a multi-craft system in Genesis. Now thats complicated and guild tax and blah blah. So, we can try to have something harmless to test the waters. Can we have a leatherworking club? No effects combat-wise, nothing breaks. Base them initially on leather that one can buy from forges for less burden on the implementing. Let people make leather armour to look cool and stay warm (see what I did there?). If it seems to be shaping into something interesting, possibly expand the idea with a skinning command for the hunters' club (don't remember the name, tag it alongside the tally command is what I mean). Et cetera.

We won't all be the same and it won't be boring, crafts take time, effort. Right now you have one craft (or 2 if you absolutely throw your power level out the window and are a layman blacksmith) and you "never" get perfect at it. Let people be mediocre at many things if they want. Maybe guilds will think of taking crafts into consideration and prompting new members to cover a need, giving them a special place in the guild. And, yes, maybe we end up having players who focus on that aspect more 'cause they find that's what they wanna roleplay while in peace.

It's a great chance to create a money sink as well, and a huge one if we really want it built up (from "simply" woodcrafting to masonry that can help rebuild walls (!) if the warfare system comes online, don't need to push too much for ideas...).

One little step, possibly great developments. :)

01 Oct 2018 01:11
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I believe Genesis has the potential for a wide multi-craft landscape, very similar to WoW.

It is a complex system to design well, and benefits from big-picture thinking up front. I've always wanted to get it done properly, and we've had interested wizards. I still consider it a worthy goal, but our resources are limited. I would not want to do it half-way.


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01 Oct 2018 23:09

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Thanks for answering calmly G, I appreciate any kind of backup after Zugzug's.. comment.

02 Oct 2018 11:17

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Drazson wrote:
Thanks for answering calmly G, I appreciate any kind of backup after Zugzug's.. comment.

If you are going to call me out like that, at least have the decency to quote what exactly you are referring to? How did I manage to offend you today?

02 Oct 2018 12:19
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