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Post by Tulasi » 18 Jan 2019 01:19

The %gmcp.char.vitals.*** are supposed to give the VITAL information for your character.

The information given on this is:
Health, Mana, Fatigue, Stuffed (foodwise), liquid-content (how much you have drunk), intoxication (how drunk you are) and your progress in quests and combat/general.

There are other things I find quite vital information that I would ask for in this.

Panic level, which is quite vital in combat, as well as encumbrance, which can be quite a burden, parden the pun, in many cases.

I would also love to see quickness, now that we have a viewable 'stat' (for lack of better word) for it, make it onto this list...

Any takers?


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What's up with every big-player area being alignment nerfed from evil mobs to neutral or almost neutral while the good mobs stay good?

Examples like Ghastly Keep undeads and Terel Trolls can be mentioned on the "why are these almost neutral?"

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