1 minute delay

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Re: 1 minute delay

Post by Cherek » 31 Oct 2020 21:09

Skythus wrote:
31 Oct 2020 18:02
Cherek wrote:
31 Oct 2020 13:33
Yes, it happens, but the majority of auctions are not won by scripts.
Is there any correlation between the types of items bots buy? If so, would it be possible to captcha the items/effects that have been bought out within an extremely short time period?
Hmm. Yes, maybe that would be a good middle ground.

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Re: 1 minute delay

Post by Boreaulam » 02 Nov 2020 16:29

May be after bid is put item stays at auction for another 5 minute even if maximum price reached?
In that case people will be able to bid over max price.
It will allow to slow typers as Budwise to have a chance?

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