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High Skill Abilities

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 13:10
by Bromen
To the powers that be,

I'd love to see new abilities availible to players when they have a high level in a particular skill.
If I had master in trading, for example, I'd be able to "persuade" an npc merchant to pay more for
my wares. Or if I had a high herbing skill, i'd be able to "grow" a particular herb in a room of my
choosing. If I had a high spellcraft skill, i'd be able to "focus" on a particular spell to reduce failing
to cast or maybe being able to instantly cast a spell.

I think more than a few of us would like to see more abilities at our disposal. One of the great things
about mmorpg's nowadays is to be able to use a plethora of skills, spells, etc. that builds the
character up.


Alchemy- prepare, stronger potions
Abjuration Spells- strengthen defensive spells
Animal Handling- summon, a mount
Air Spells- strengthen air spells
Appraise enemy- seek, enemies weakness
Appraise Object- determine, magical or not
Appraise Value- ?? trading skill increase maybe?
Awareness- focus, for hidden objects
Axe- critical hit chance with axe.
Backstab- bleed, cause bleeding damage
Blindfighting- defense bonus when in darkness or blinded
Climb- minor strength bonus
Club- critical hit chance with club
Conjuration Spells- quicker summoning
Death spells- increased damage
DEfence- random counterattack
Divination spells- minor increase in intelligence
Earth Spells- stronger earth spells
Enchantment spells- minor increase in wisdom
Find and remove traps- automatic chance to disarm?
Fire Spells- stronger fire spell
Herbalism- grow, herb
Hide- protection from scrye
Hunting- random chance to find game in your area.
Illusion Spells- minor increase in intelligence
Javelin- allows you to make this skill useful.
Knife- critical chance with a knife
Language- sign, "message" to someone. like a whisper without alerting everyone in the room.
Life Spells- minor increase in constitution
Location Sense- locate, nearest port
Missles- critical chance when using bow and arrow
Mounted Combat- critical chance when mounted
Open Lock- open lock chance without key
Parry- minor increase in dexterity
Pick Pocket- ??
Polearm- critical chance with a polearm
Riding- ??
Sneak- ability to autosneak
Spellcraft- see above
Swim- minor strength and consitution increase
Sword- critical chance with sword
Tracking- like scrye, tell the person you're looking for is that-a-way
Trading- persuade, person to sell at a higher rate
Transmutation Spells- minor increase in wisdom
Two Handed Combat- random flurry special
Unarmed Combat- critical chance when fighting unarmed
Water Spells- strengthened water spells


Re: High Skill Abilities

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 20:13
by Maizara
Problem I see with this is the mercenaries would benefit completely with this while other guilds would be restricted to what combo's they could come up with.

Re: High Skill Abilities

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 09:32
by Bromen
yeah, mercs can benefit alot from this, but so could other guilds. If you're in a leet RP guild
then the skills and bonuses you have would benefit your character. I honestly think adaption
is a skill all of genesis should have to focus on the skills you want to be unique to your toon.


Re: High Skill Abilities

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 12:53
by Tarax the Terrible
Had an idea about skill perks on the last forum. Didn't get much response but will post it here again cus I still think it would be interesting.
Tarax the Great! wrote:I would like to see more things like this be based on your skills.

For the likes of weapon skills active abilities could be added like mini specials.
Anyone could try them but the gurus would be successful more often.
Even if it was just once per fight it would liven up basic weapon skills.
Such as club skill you can try a hammer blow, chance to knock down opponent, attack armour, chance to smash a piece of armour.
Sword users try a pommel strike, chance to stun, cleave some extra damage.
Once per fight and on a recovery timer with a little benefit and a tactical choice.

Defence skill you could try and focus all out on defence and get a boost for less attacks per round.
Parry could try extra parrying or letting the opponent strikes through for a short time to get an extra counter attack a riposte.

You get the idea. Something to liven up the standard combat.
Not indented to be very powerful compared to true combat specials more of a little seasoning to the sauce.
But maybe interacting in such a way that what one person does the other reacts too instead of a new set of triggers to fire at the beginning of every fight.

Other skills like animal handling could allow you to try a call a messenger. (Did the merc dogs disappear?)
Hunting to make traps (What does the hunting skill actually do anyway?)

So someone even with only adventurer level guild skills in something can play about with them a bit a try and do things.

The changes to darkness made me think of this, why could you 100% assist in darkness before and 0% now.
Should we not be using blindfighting skill to make a % chance.
So you could try to assist and if you pass a skill check you do it.
On a cooldown timer before you can try again.
If you really suck at blindfighting you might even attack the wrong side, attack your own team but you probably will not do much damage anyway. And would stop embarrased when the blindness breaks.
For high levels of skill you could tell which direction things move even in darkness and attack a hunted target in darkness. (wel somewhat reliably there would still be skill check you could fail. Not suggesting darkness and blindfighting be tactically as good as infravision. These would be passive perks of the skills.

Maybe not what we need right now is more more more new ideas but throwing them on the pile anway. :)
I guess the main benefit would be to early in life characters because it would be eclipsed by guild specials in later life.
But if say 1 in 50 fights a hammer blow could smash a peice of your opponents armour that would be exciting.

Re: High Skill Abilities

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 13:36
by Bromen
Are Mercs the only guild atm that can crit?

Cuz i think anyone with high enough skill and stats should be able to crit 1% of the time with sup guru.


Re: High Skill Abilities

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 13:37
by Tarax the Terrible
They used to be in the game and you used to get the odd super nasty hit from an npc and be in danger of dying while grinding.
Then they were removed.

Now I have no clue about crits. Here or not.

Re: High Skill Abilities

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 21:58
by Earth
They really did used to be nasty. I remember as a young knight in the old barrow wights and ghouls. With all those unarmed hits, they were quite a bit more likely to chit. Generally, combat with a room of black ones would be easy to take. Starting FVW generally would be somewhat hurt by the end. I remember one chit taking the young knight from FVW to in a bad shape. Ouch!

I also remember that chit with damage bonus multiplier was really, really deadly. I've seen one hit with a certain mace in the game take an str, dex, con epic champ (the old champ) elf from FVW to barely alive with one hit from an equally sized enemy by chit.

It really did add that extra bit of excitement to the game, but it was really frustrating at times because there was nothing you can do to expect it or avoid it. There was basically a random chance to instantly die in most combat, and if you fought alot chances are your luck would turn against you. Kind of like a casino, the house always wins eventually.

Re: High Skill Abilities

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 23:00
by Rhynox
Kernan is usually the one who chits me the most often, sometimes I went from somewhat hurt to very bad shape. If chits were more common, it would be really painful to play Genesis. In fact, I believe they should be removed completely. I don't want to chit people either, it is not fair since it doesn't even take into account armour protection.

Re: High Skill Abilities

Posted: 12 Mar 2010 12:16
by Tarax the Terrible
How do you know that?

Re: High Skill Abilities

Posted: 12 Mar 2010 14:14
by Rhynox
Because no matter the armours I am wearing (or no armours at all), chits do me about the same damage. I just need to go to Kernan and fight him without specials for a couple of minutes to get one.