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Re: Uptime

Post by Creed » 13 Mar 2010 16:09

I agree, Lindros, that items doesn't have to break easier.

Or rather, I don't mind if things are dulling a bit fast, if they are really good.
I just want to get away with the random breaking.
That, I think is really lame.

I just picked up a newly forged blade, went to kill an orc, and after 3 hits my sword broke.
That is a situation that most people, I believe, have been in.

And its totally unlikely, and very frustrating.

I would like all things to be able to break. But remove the random breaking.
Things should break when they had been used too much, nothing less.
Then you can kind of figure out how much you can use X weapon, and prepare yourself that its soon time to take another one along.
Instead of always having to take along a small armoury, in case your other 3 weapons break randomly.

People should have time to enjoy their weapons and armours, I totally agree on that.
But by removing the un-break feature, and by letting them break by use and wear, I believe more people will be able to use and enjoy the best items of the realms.

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Re: Uptime

Post by OgreToyBoy » 13 Mar 2010 18:24

It's a critical damage to the items durability.
I went through 4 morningstars in less than 20 minutes, but on the other hand
I've also had the same morningstars for over 20 hours skullgrinding without
them breaking. It's all about luck or bad luck as the case may be.

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