How to imrpove Gen

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How to imrpove Gen

Post by Megarius » 12 Mar 2010 20:14

I'll try to lay this out for you through the eyes of a new player sorta, since that what the focus supposed to be today. I'll outline the weakness and then my opinion how it can be improved.

So when the new player starts the game, they look for communication. Ntell is a good channel, but its not allowed for a chit chat.
There should be some kind of means to communicate throughout the game so that people don't feel lonely. Most of the people come to play multi-user game expect to find some people to socialize with. I'd say having a toggable channel would make sense. If you want to talk - talk, if you don't want to neither tak nor listen - toggle it off.

New player must have an idea about what the game offers.
Aside the roleplay which is obvious they want to know what is exactly in Genesis that will keep them occupied and interested. There should be some kind of an option that shouldn't be very difficult to find that would explain to the newbie what kind of guilds are available. Web site is a good place, but there should be some kind of a way in game to learn about the guilds and why it is important for them to join one.

Guild restrictions need to be loosen up.
Long gone are the days when it was so cool to hide information from people and make it so much fun to discover it for themselves. Those days are gone. People need to know about the guilds through some in-game means.
Guild restrictions need to be removed/reworked from the recruitment process. At this point many guilds require one of the members to invite the potential recruit. But considering how many people are playing now this kind of joining process is just wrong. People are not reliable. They can get bored, switch games, stop playing, die, get drunk and forget they password and whatever else. There been few suggestions to make more guild free to join. Maybe not entirely free.

Make it interesting. There should be an entrance quest maybe. But don't make that one guild feel more elite than another becouse only Bob can invite, since he is so special. Problem is that Bob is not playing any more and he cares less. Entrance quest can be followed up with approval from the most active guild member. Say if Bob logs in only once a week and Joe plays every day, it would make sense to let Joe be a recruiting officer not that Bob guy. Recruitment keys is a responsibility that supposed to be held appropriately. If you not available to invite give this opportunity to other member of your guild who actually is around when someone is asking or posting am application on a guild board.

Also keeping someone a recruit for a very long time would server as a discouragement. I think current system in Genesis overpowers the recruiter. If you hold your recruit as pupil for like a month, it just doesn't make sense. You not his father or a parent. You not supposed to sqeeze something out of him. If person wants to join a guild, say rangers, who are very famous with their abnormaly long recruitment process, give it a few days, if RP is mandatory in guild give it a few days, see if person cares about being a ranger, keep in character and see how they will respond, etc. But don't torture his sole only because you have that power to decide. Thats one of the differences between Genesis and other MUDs. Recruitment process for some guilds here is very long and why would someone waste their time "PROVING" some guy on the other end of the ocean that he is worthy to become his RP buddy. Its still a game after all, don't turn it into another dimension of real life.

So, more guilds with open recruitment and some entrance quests for other guilds. Maybe an approval from a guild member IF that guild has at least few active players.

Brutality is just too brutal.
To be honest, again, through the eyes of a new player, I would consider brutality to be a punishment for killing monsters. In other words - do quests be a good boy, but if you start killing monsters we will punish you and limit your experience stream. Why would a player be punished by using one of the game features. I understand this is all about balance, to prevent abuse etc. But there should be other ways to prevent abuse. When I found out that herbalism was being abused and wizards actually made it so that your brutality grows while searching for herbs that was quite a chuckle to say the least. Seems quite an extreme solution. In my opinion any none-combat related activity supposed to decrease your brutality. It just makes sense. People abuse it? I am not really seeing many people out there who would do anything to be honest. There are always ways to prevent abuse but its not right to shrink the world around all players only becouse some losers decided to run scripts to search for herbs 24/7 to lessen brutality. Gorboth is killing bots now, why not do the same against herb searching bots? Would just make sense if I am doign quests my brutality would go down not only after I completed the quest but during the process as well.

Thing is that with existing brutality system at some point you just think that you stop growing completely. You have to agree that 90% of people they are in battle much more than they are doing quests. You do some quests, that sometimes takes 4-6 hours especially if you haven't done it before and in the end, that quest ends up being complete waist of time becouse it neither lowered your brutality nor it has given you any real experience. Switching to the eyes of my character for a minute, I'd say that I consider it a waste of time as well. I mean the reward I receive after quest complition is just not comparable to a huge effort I make. If not for exp, then at least adjust the quest so that it affects my brutality better.

There should be a balance in everything of course. But nothing seems to help when you are at slightly-somewhat violent. Usually people around Hero at slightly-somewhat violent have done quite a few quests already and there is another thing is that not everyone has time to devote hours for questing. back to a newbie eyes, say he just wants to be "a mercenary that is on a mission to clean the lands from dark forces", after a while he will start realising that his progression is getting slower and slower. Someone will tell him - hey its your brutality, you need to do quests. "Quests is the only way to lower it?", "Unfortunately yes". "So I can't be a mercenary on a mission any more?", "No you have to take a break from your mission and explore the land". While justified it still seems like a limitation. There should be other ways to lower brutality and brutality by itself shouldn't be so "brutal".

Don't be afraid to give people chance to level a bit faster. PvP games, which Genesis is, are usually focused on what happens after people reach level cap. Before that it should just be a smooth enjoyable ride. Someone played this game for years probably would complain. But you can't force years old game mechanics on new players only because some veteran spent so much time pumping and leveling his character. That is of course if Genesis is not only for myth players who's been here the longest.

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