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Post by Bromen » 13 Mar 2010 12:12

As a suggestion to the good caster guild thread, I added my belief a good caster should have an AoE (area of effect) spell that can damage many. I also would like to see a cleave type special for those who use two-handed weapons.

There should be pro's and con's to every form of weapon/weapon/shield combination. I feel the pro's and con's at the moment are rather basic. I'd love to see a cleave for using a two-handed weapon. The cleave would damage multiple enemies in the same room and bring those who aren't in combat with you, into combat.

I'd also like to see a skill that would focus on the art of a two-handed weapon. Within the higher rankings of this skill, say master or above, you get a .1% chance to cleave.

Just a thought.


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