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Re: More craft guilds

Post by Mersereau » 24 Mar 2010 23:59

In the real old days there was a rumour about the Riders of Rohan. That could have possibilities as a craft guild.
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Re: More craft guilds

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 25 Mar 2010 00:00

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Re: More craft guilds

Post by Rhynox » 25 Mar 2010 06:11

Mersereau wrote:In the real old days there was a rumour about the Riders of Rohan. That could have possibilities as a craft guild.
Agreed, I remember when it was suggested as a layman guild (however wizards decided to code the Houses of Healing in Minas Tirith, which in the end never opened). The main problem there is that craftsman guilds are neutral, and evil people would not be able to be riders of Rohan. I recently mentioned the equestrian club should be updated into a craftsman guild. The Riders of Rohan could be a layman guild, though, now that the Knights got their cavalry merged.

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Re: More craft guilds

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 25 Mar 2010 16:24

gorboth wrote:There are big plans for craft guilds. So far, the work is in preliminary stages, but I am happy to share some of the ideas on the table:

Code: Select all

Draft for Craft Guilds and Clubs:

Craft Guilds (require a guild slot. player can be member of only one)

    Blacksmith (creates weapons and armours. produces mortars and pestles,
                or increasing material quality for higher level alchemist
                recipies. Produces magic rods of increasing material
                quality to be used by enchanters for harnessing mod powers.)
    Enchanter  (has the power to add buffs to armours and weapons, and
                to harness the power of mods to create ingredients for
                the most powerful blacksmith recipies. Produces magic
                beakers of increasing power for use in alchemist recipies.)
    Alchemist  (creates powerful potions, produces certain solutions to
                be used to cure metals for increasing effect on certain
                armour and weapon recipies for blacksmiths. Creates
                certain potions which an enchanter must quaff to enhance
                their enchanting abilities to achieve advanced effects.)

Craft Clubs (any player can be a member of as many as they wish)

    Fishing    (just what it sounds like. produces items for
                certain alchemits and cooking recipies)
    Cooking    (makes use of herbs and meats. produces items for certain
                alchemist recipies.)
Were these ideas to be implemented, it is likely that the current smith guild would be either massively recoded, or replaced altogether.

NICE thanks for sharing :)

I guess most players currently use the craft guild slot to round out their skill set.
So if you don't get herbalism from any other source gardeners is a great option.
The smiths are currently favoured for making money and finding out information about equipment, I don't believe there are many who favour them for making their own equipment to use. Sure a few people like the SU may make daggers but in general the gear you can make is only considered a "starter set".
If you already have herbalism and know equipment mariners are great to get access to the bloodsea.
This is the main attraction of a craft guilds to players.

The idea of a craft guild could also be considered as key to your back story ie your original profession, the boring one before you took up a life of guilds and adventuring. "Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Sailor, Rich man, Poor man, Beggar man, Thief" as the nursery rhyme says.
Funny how much of that child's rhyme we already have have in differing levels of guilds and clubs.

What sets the level ie makes something a club over a guild etc is up to the benefits offered as we know.
But it would be nice to see more thieves out there. Or SPIES!! Able to mask your guild, or pretend to change alignments. Disguises. An elf spy infiltrating Minas Morgul for example.

Merchants is another craft guild we are crying out for. With the exciting move towards more "economy" in the game merchants could be almost like a sub game or warfare system the merchants competing against each other. Buying castles and store houses to protect goods, setting prices buying and selling, moving caravans of goods across the realms. Drawing actual players in to help them on contract work, guarding caravans or raiding them. The question of ethics over profits, okay to buy tobacco in the Shire and sell it to Isengaard? What about dealing arms to the Dragonarmy? It would be awesome for a character to be able to wield meaningful power through their merchant empire regardless of their mortal level. ie (Piss them off enough and they put a large price on your head).

Enchanter *tingle* loving the idea and very excited this could be a possibility.
Alchemist another *tingle* would be great to see in in the realms.

I like the model of the inter dependency between the guilds to function well.
In that draft each guild is dependant on the two others:
Alchemist <<< mortar <<< Blacksmith
Alchemist >>> solutions >>> Blacksmith
Alchemist <<< beaker <<< Enchanter
Alchemist >>> potions >>> Enchanter
Blacksmith <<< ingredients <<< Enchanter
Blacksmith >>> rods >>> Enchanter
I think the dependencies would work well and with the auction house in place would not be a big chore to get what you need.

In terms of who needs what from whom I think as the ideas naturally mature more "roleplayish" needs could be found.
Such as alchemist makes their own mortar from stone or obsidian (longer lasting), that doesn't change. The black smith doesn't work with stone but instead creates material linings to be able to contain the powerful ingredients within. So for the uber alchemist potions it might be necessary to acquire a mithril mortar lining for a smith.

Which brings me finally onto the raw materials, ie what each crafter they can provide themselves and not have to rely on others for.
I think the alchemist is a herber and maybe a gatherer of some not currently too popular material like obsidian for mortars "aka dragon glass" :).
The enchanter is more interesting, not being a caster guild and not able to draw on magic themselves I think that they would have to collect raw magic from other items to be used. (can only extra magic from equipment when under the influence of a alchemist potion. ) That magic could be stored in gems perhaps. (which could be kept for later or sold on the open market) but would no longer be accepted by banks because of their unstable nature!
This was suggested before about people being able to collect magic to create buffs, cool this could be like that. And Magic credits is also now an established principle for some guilds in the realms as it releasing magic for others. (Gonna be a lot of competition for the magic gear :) )
I think the smith can buy iron and leather easily enough but needs to go out and gather higher quality steel and alloys by melting existing armours. Materials such as Adamantine being great and Mithril being the ultimate goal.

Really Finally this time... getting carried away I know.
How about a taboo craft guild such as delifers, bereskers or vampires or something.
Something which if you reveal your nature to another (even one of your kind) they are required to try and kill you and you them.
Perhaps you can do bad things to fallen corpses to recover health and mana faster.
But it acts as a hunger you need to feed and will go crazy if you do not.
I know vamps is a touchy subject, but do think it is very cool to have a secret sect going in the game.
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