More craft guilds

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More craft guilds

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 19 Mar 2010 15:19

Its been suggested before but the idea seems pretty good so bringing it up again.
There are some layman guilds that could maybe be moved to craft guilds.
As people seem to want a layman that is going to give them lotsa combat aid.

EG Would it be possible to change the tricksters to a craft guild?
How about Cabal thieves?
Or what about the Heralds of the Valar?

The blacksmiths was a successful switch over.
I think most player smiths supported the change and the smiths got busier as a result.
I am not sure how many tricksters or heralds or thieves we have or how they would feel about it?
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Re: More craft guilds

Post by Kitriana » 19 Mar 2010 15:29

I would love some definitions of what should be a laymen guild and what should be a craft guild. Because I'm sure we all have some varying opinions of that.

Could we say perhaps that a craft guild is a guild that doesn't really have any alignment ties? or themes that would keep any paticular guild race from joining it?

How do people feel about laymen guilds? This should be something that adds to your RP on some level and gives you extra abilities or diversifies your current abilities.
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Re: More craft guilds

Post by Hektor » 19 Mar 2010 16:39

As I have come to understand it, a craftsman guild offers no actual combat aid whereas a layman guild may. In that understanding some of the guilds you suggest could be craftsman guilds (give you some abilites that cannot influence combat), whereas others (offering combat aid) could not. But maybe a wizard could enlighten us?
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Re: More craft guilds

Post by Makfly » 19 Mar 2010 16:54

I think it would be better to flesh out those 3 guilds, rather than downgrade them to Craftguilds. I mean, all 3 have some fun things going for them, and seem to fit a niche that deserves more than what Craftguilds can offer for instance.
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Re: More craft guilds

Post by Rhynox » 19 Mar 2010 18:10

Smiths lost all weapon skills when were moved to craftsman. I suggested Tricksters to be craftsman years ago. They would lose parry and the smoke bomb (there are a few mages that are tricksters just for the parry ;)). Alchemists to create potions, expanding Bloodsea to cover Flotsam too, equestrian club improved into a craftsman guild (being able to give commands to the horse, carry items from place to place, etc), carpenters, gem artists, leather artisans, etc.

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Tarax the Terrible
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Re: More craft guilds

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 24 Mar 2010 17:12

I am also hoping alchemist will be a future craft option.
I have never played a guild where it was part of the guild skills, but I know there are numerous existing guilds who make their own potions to use.
I guess they are following recipes and there isn't any experimental alchemy outside of those?

I don't think an alchemist craft guild where you can experiment with anything and everything to make your own recipes would take anything away from those guilds if the existing recipes would remain unique to them. ie A craft guild member couldn't copy guild x's mana potion but might be able to discover something which has a similar effect.

I wouldn't have the patience for the gathering, research and development but I would be happy to buy their output :)
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Re: More craft guilds

Post by gorboth » 24 Mar 2010 20:42

There are big plans for craft guilds. So far, the work is in preliminary stages, but I am happy to share some of the ideas on the table:

Code: Select all

Draft for Craft Guilds and Clubs:

Craft Guilds (require a guild slot. player can be member of only one)

    Blacksmith (creates weapons and armours. produces mortars and pestles,
                or increasing material quality for higher level alchemist
                recipies. Produces magic rods of increasing material
                quality to be used by enchanters for harnessing mod powers.)
    Enchanter  (has the power to add buffs to armours and weapons, and
                to harness the power of mods to create ingredients for
                the most powerful blacksmith recipies. Produces magic
                beakers of increasing power for use in alchemist recipies.)
    Alchemist  (creates powerful potions, produces certain solutions to
                be used to cure metals for increasing effect on certain
                armour and weapon recipies for blacksmiths. Creates
                certain potions which an enchanter must quaff to enhance
                their enchanting abilities to achieve advanced effects.)

Craft Clubs (any player can be a member of as many as they wish)

    Fishing    (just what it sounds like. produces items for
                certain alchemits and cooking recipies)
    Cooking    (makes use of herbs and meats. produces items for certain
                alchemist recipies.)
Were these ideas to be implemented, it is likely that the current smith guild would be either massively recoded, or replaced altogether.

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Re: More craft guilds

Post by Aeg » 24 Mar 2010 21:28

I like it.

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Re: More craft guilds

Post by Sharn » 24 Mar 2010 21:44

Great news. I will wait wide-eyed, mouth open :)


Re: More craft guilds

Post by Creed » 24 Mar 2010 23:17

Then please recode it, so that you actually have to use that craft, to improve skills and titles in it.

It is, as others say, very lame, that you can be a mythical smith who never forged anything else than the entrance necklace.

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