Faerun et cetra

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Faerun et cetra

Post by Amberlee » 19 Mar 2010 23:31

To be honest this is a domain which has endless possibilities and which i think should be worked more on.
Of cource you have the underdark, but that is not what i am going to talk about now.

What i do want to see and experience there though is the marvels of the High Forest.
The grand city of Waterdeep.. The lawlessness of Skullport..
Sail to the Moonshae islands.. Adventure in the lethal ruins of Myth Drannor..
Maybe even experience a bit of the tranquil Evermeet.

I never understood why the wizards never felt like adding things to Faerun.
Its an endless resource of information and material..
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Re: Faerun et cetra

Post by Rhynox » 20 Mar 2010 02:54

It is too big a project to be worked by one or two wizards only.

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