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Re: New Skill

Post by Ilrahil » 06 Apr 2010 06:49

Personally I think the new herb system is as flawed as the old one.

The old system didn't work. Icarus is the one I remember the most vividly munching hundreds of whitehorns to do ridiculous feats such as take on extremely large players alone. But hey he worked the system well.

The new system my biggest beef with is that herbs should be categorized into types. Eating one chicory every 1 minute and 15 seconds really makes the herb useless if you are poisoned or even just running through some heavily fatiguing areas in the game. I think that dependent on the category of herb such as healing, fatigue restore, poison, resistances, the time should be different.

Some herbs became completely ineffective really with the change, such as the resistant herbs or the stat increasing herbs. You simply can't eat enough to make it worth the time gathering them before they start wearing off. With Skunk berries one of their balancing factors was that you could die on them if you ate more than two, but even now with the herb eating limitations its nearly impossible to die on them once you are past champion level. I remember 2-3 times with characters when I would do eat berries not realizing I had 60 skunks out. It makes the dangers of the herb moot.

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Re: New Skill

Post by Knuffel » 08 Apr 2010 20:05

Ilrahil wrote:... I would do eat berries ...
Isn't that suicidal by definition, regardless of new or old ways ... ?



Re: New Skill

Post by Ilrahil » 08 Apr 2010 21:25

Well to a point. Wasn't really intended but on the old system you could have 3-4 out on accident and do that and they were deadly. Now its impossible to do that which I think personally takes a way a bit of the balance factor of them being so powerful

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