More frequent armas?

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Make Armageddon more frequent?

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Re: More frequent armas?

Post by Tive » 22 Jun 2010 19:26

Onton wrote:
velicus wrote:The problem is Armageddon is an improvised design to deal with what is effectively a large-scale memory leak. Ideally, Armageddon would never be necessary. But to move in that direction, we need to make things independent of Armageddon, from quests to item drops to resetting rooms. Good luck finding anyone willing, able, and with permission to do so.
Exactly. Everything that Armageddon achieves could be achieved in much more elegant ways. And ways that are more roleplay-compatible too.
Oh yeah, make Armageddon a real ARMAGEDDON, with the lava flowing everywhere etc... if you dont log out you die ;p

...and then make everyone evolve from the mice in Sparkle... Myths could start as rats! And Xar exclusively as a duck in Dwarfheim.


that was a joke!


Re: More frequent armas?

Post by Ilrahil » 22 Jun 2010 19:55

I would hate going to an arma every 2-3 days unless once again they reworked the system of magic equipment dropping. I'd have no time to do anything else but hunt eq at all probably if it stayed the same way and was 2-3 days.

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Re: More frequent armas?

Post by Velicus » 23 Jun 2010 05:41

sharn wrote:The reason I stand by my point is:
If you say that the application has large scale memory leak, you actually say that we have poor coders here.
I do not think it is fair, even if would be true.
And it is either a memory leak or not. No virtually, no effectively.
If you say that we have poor coders here, you actually say that all wizards are stupid losers.
I do not think it is fair, even if would be true.
And it is either that we have poor coders here or not. No "If you say that the application has large scale memory leak, you actually say"

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Re: More frequent armas?

Post by Rhynox » 30 Jun 2010 05:31

Who remembers the 30 day old Armageddon just after they bought the new computer, when you couldn't do quests that were done on day 1 but didn't reset, unbreakable weapons were impossible to get, etc?

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Re: More frequent armas?

Post by petros » 30 Jun 2010 16:11

Armageddon isn't just about memory leaks. In fact, memory leaking isn't really the issue here. If someone decides to hoard a million swords in their stash, that isn't a leak. It's just a very silly use of memory.

As evidenced by previous Armageddon experiments, there are many things that Armageddon accomplishes:
  • Cleans up unused objects by forcing people to sell and discard
  • Resets quests
  • Force a reload of code dependencies
  • Probably some more I'm not thinking of.
Given the machine that we have these days, the memory issue isn't really an issue. The resetting of quests (usually because of coder error) is important so that others can enjoy them. Perhaps the most important reason to have Armageddon is the code dependency point. Because of the way the game itself works, sometimes changes cannot be introduced unless you have an Armageddon. It's a "fact of life" issue. By scheduling regular Armageddon, we allow wizards regular intervals to introduce major changes to the game. Think of it like the "Tuesday updates" that Microsoft has.

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