Uncle Trapspringer

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Uncle Trapspringer

Post by Drazson » 09 Jan 2021 18:07

Thank you for creating this guild.

It's probably the best character I've played in a game, certainly the most fun. It engaged me into RPing extremely well. It can be demanding from the player and one might end up kind of phasing out of the fact that you are not just another humanoid and acting normally again, but it has all the tools and nice stuff it needs to be awesome.

I know people have an issue with their adventurous fingers and it's kind of an issue for the kender players themselves to be honest, but still a fitting feature to place there.

Seriously, kudos.

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Re: Uncle Trapspringer

Post by Cherek » 09 Jan 2021 20:33

Thanks for the praise. Gwyneth (the wizard who originally created it) did a great job with the theme and feel of the guild, and especially the way it encourages kender RP in a clever way. I too think that is very cool. The only other guild that does something similar is the ogre guild, which is also a great example of how code can be used to encourage RP.

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