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Thanks to...well...most i guess.... 
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For those who wants to kill abit of time.

Here follows an accord of moments that has stuck to my brain, since they occoured, and was in one way or another a big part of my time around.

Since most of these events occoured along time ago, why not help
yourself setting the mood.

This is obviously written, rather in a hurry, as I remembered things.

* The days of a newbie *

Running around in Re-Albi and Cove, questing and trying to learn the ways of the world.

Joining the gladiators, I just loved that guild. Even though alot frowned upon them, for being a guild that all could just join. We we're the scum of genesis, in the eyes of those people so high and mighty.

The first fatal meeting with THE rat in the wizard tower of Re-Albi, it was bound to end in a wrong way. After that you learned what wimpy level was.
Cove, such a cool place for a gladiator, Malanze and Alexander, armour and a starter axe, what could be better, with fast access to Kabal. Why oh why did that have to be changed into Cirath, one of the most boring places(Don't want to offend the wizzies doing it, probably done with good intentions, but looking back, "BOY! you guys we're wrong!!").

Endless hours of creating maps on the good old paper, stacks 'n stacks was used to create a global overview, it still beats auto-mapping by miles.

* "Good" NPC'S *

Everyone have good or bad memories about certain NPC'S, mostly due to the reward they carried with them.

The biggest bad-ass in the game, he was 100% pure fun fighting, and who didn't like the skull-helmet ? And most Kahedan's swore by the Maul. I remember Monika offering me a riddiculous 20 plats for the helmet once, ofcourse, I declined :). The pretender who have taken his place these days
is nothing compared to good old Bolg.

BSA!!! One of the coolest axes ever to have seen the light of day. I was lucky enough to be able to wield 2, without suffering from too much encumbrance. However, some "clever" wizard changed it into a right-handed axe a few months later, thanks for nothing. Apparently that was only the beginning, with the introduction of limitid weapons, it became even more scarce, and he would mostly wield the aptly named "Shit-on-a-stick", silver bladed lochaber axe instead, BUUUUUH!!!!!.

MBB, the axe made you feel like a God, a small one maybe, but still. A masterpiece, though it had a tendency to dull and break a little too quick.

Probably the npc that scared people the most, although some might name Benson. Still, a nice team and the fight was usually safe. Although the summoning of devil's knights and his tendency to use fireballs could prove a tad too risky at times. Now, I know some will shout out Balrog, or the Nazgul
as operation brown pants, but these we're rarely attacked, so in my world they count for nowt in this regard.

Another fun fight, and killed loads of times for it's scale, dragons have a hard time here, so show them a little love now and then, they have feelings too.

Dain's Waraxe, a nifty piece, it didn't dull, and it hated greenskins, what more could one ask for killing away in Moria ?

Ithilien Trolls
I believe most have had the pleasure of fighting these with regards to their lovely platemail. Ofcourse, there was a small added risk, as alot of Morgul Mages tended to patrol the area as the local constable, writing out tickets left and right, whilst whining about the claims of the lidless
eye. An act coppied by many since those days. booh-hoo!!

Mystic Guardian
Killing the Jesus lion, asrfaasdasdfasdfasdf, guardian of the mystic, for no apparent reason other than it always was a laugh.

* Memorable Event's *
The stat change: The less said the better, I guess.

Return of quest-xp from guild-xp
Thanks!!! It made up for the stat-change, I think :).

The great plague
Boy did that annoy people, but still it was fun. I bet every ranger was working
overtime those days. And a forced sneeze or cough in a crowd, would send everyone fleeing head over heels.

I didn't participate in all, but those I recall as being good fun was collecting stamps, it hauled
everyone into a collectors frenzy, and I believe alot of guilds went on the brinck of war. I seem to recall that the Priests of Takhisis took a rather ill liking towards those, who killed their guardian dragon, and forced their
way into the post office to relieve the stamp seller some of his precious stamps. If it ever was retaliated I never found out, but atleast I know who did it....Na-na-na-na, and im not telling :p

Ginger-bread event
Superb event, the bakery in calia became the center of attention, and around genesis
new small ginger-bread villages spawned in secrecy. I gather that many did this in pairs or more, with some guarding the nest of cookies, others stood in calia, or tried to locate the place of others, who was guarding
ginger breads. In order to steal the precious little men.

Although quite similar in the order of what to hunt, it still gave good fun.

Dark Minstrels
A nice layman guild, only to be removed from the game shortly after it's opening. Quite a shame imo., it had alot of possibilities.

The Angmar/alliance war
For some reason, this seems to many as being the highlight of genesis. I'll rock the boat abit, and ask, Why ? Let's just boil the whole thing down to: Massive teams hunting single targets, usually ending up with only small players as their prey. Who won in the end? No-one, everyone lost! AA got closed and this more or less spelled the end of Genesis of old. Obviously, the introduction of the dragonarmies came shortly afterwards, but too many had quit the game, or felt their call had ended within the realms by the closure of AA. This will be subject to discuission still.

Keep attack
Subject: Keep attack
To : Isatis
CC : Banyan and Fairlight
Date : Tue Mar 4 06:12:55 1997

My home is under attack and I'm alone I have the culprits trapped inside the
keep. Krewl is one of them...I need all the help anyone can get me to deal with these scum.
there are 4 attackers with the following descriptions.
A blue-eyed green-eyed male goblin arrives.
The blue-eyed green-eyed male goblin attacks you!
An exciting calm male elf arrives. <---- Guess who ;)
A balding swarthy male goblin arrives.
The balding swarthy male goblin attacks you!
An angry bouncy male goblin arrives.

We managed to clear the keep a few good times, but then a wizard came down and told us to leave. But for a few hours we had a new home. The next few weeks, we kept a very low profile :)

* Logs 'n other shit *

Author : Danik
To : Dordon
CC : Grace, Kellendil and Layn
Date : Oct 14 1994

Dordon ,please protect Rose Knights from insinuations of High Clerist,
Kellendil. Rose Knights don't know anymore who is in charge in their
Order. Since when Council Member from Sword Order has right !int
to command ,state rules and tell a lot of lies concerning Knights of your
when i post a note on our board that criticize him, he sends me rude letter
and demand i have to remove it.
After notes that humiliate and insult Knights were on trip to Angmar Army
he declare that discussion is closed! We don't even have chance to respond!
For my opinion Kellendil has twisted mind. While in his previous notes he
says it's OK to rescue some citisen in Ribos from evil player he accuse us of
starting a guild war.
In that Angmar story i was from start to end
Indeed it's pity that 2 small Angmars got killed, but it is not our fault
They assisted to Gendalf,Bandit,Morlot and 4 huge dwarves.
And than accidently got killed
It is ridiculous to say Knights hunt Angmars. How on the earth we can hunt
if we can't see them?
It was very difficult fight,some of us were terribly hurt but we won
And now Kellendil curses such people like Phule,Solace and Kayen.
Does he think he have more commonsense than they?
Again,please protect us. In such hard times we need a strong leader.
With respect, Danik, Knight of the Rose

And to finnish it all off, the best letter ever written in the entire history of
genesis. Names have been concealed due to someone taking offence.

> Fuck man you and I rock the mud.
> WIthout us thered be half the atmosphere and a quarter the fun.
> We are genesis, and genesis is NOTHING without us. I join you in a
> celebratory spit on any puny assed, comparativly NEWBIE chump
> that dares to challenge us in esteem, knowledge and/or general
> all-around coolness firmly established with years of experience
> here on this mud.
> *clasps hands with you* I reiterate: FUCK WE ROCK!
> X.
Must save this mail. :)

* Players *

Some players left a lasting memory, and made me come back day after day, I feel the need to thank these persons, and I take pride being a small part in a huge game. Wheter they say the same about me, dunno... :)

Dumar - Krewl - Stryder.

Thank you! Simply Thank you. You were the main reason to continue through all the years. I'm very lucky to be able to call all of you very good friends throughout the years of genesis, and beyond. The fun we had, and the shit we stirred. Trustworthy companies to whom I would lay down my life for.
The times may have changed, but the memory remains. We shall be reliving the old days in Florida, when retirement hits our asses, whislt waiting for the senior bus taking us down the bingo hall. :D
Twice the fun, Double the trouble!!!


My beloved wife, with whom I shared many great hours. I still have the letter that brought us together, and treasure it fondly.

From : Rae
Subject: Single unarmed female
To : Fairlight and Garnet
Date : Tue Nov 4 05:06:47 1997

...seeking strong, protective, armed male companion(s) for a
whirlwind evening of fast-paced killing, brilliant repartee, and
comfortable silences. If you seek same, please respond ;)

You also gave me alot of reason to stick around, through good and bad. I guess Kithkanens loss became my gain, thus I guess a "thank you" should be let out to Juanita. :)


Another true friend, and one of the nicest person to ever have grazed the realms. And a real gem for sticking up with my antics over the years. If I ever had a mum on genesis, *point Adriel*


Sadly no longer with us. Was in my eyes another remarkable player, who always was willing to aid. Forever, rest in peace. *hugs*


In my eyes, Mr. Genesis. Always a nice guy, and rather helpful with taking equipment of me and Dumar's hands. All-round top bloke. Shame we never met RL.


A very funny guy, whom I teamed with loads. Our drunken team of hooligans scurried the realms to much amusement. Doing the Spider quest in Mirkwood with you and Dumar still brings a smile to my face, even though it was scary at the time.


The first person to introduce me to the MBB. Little did I know, this would turn me into a MBB-addict. The first try is free :). Also a blast to be around, and the most clever goblin of the lot.

Shiver - Banyan

Two sturdy dwarves, with whom I shared a few good adventures in my earlier days. Too bad you both left rather suddenly.


Another gladiator way back, and a pleasure to travel with. Prolly had the funniest minstrel epic of the lot "Is this thing on ?". A shame we never met in Chicago.

Rasputian - Crunch

Top blokes, with whom I aslo had the pleasure of sharing many adventures with. Unfortunately, too early exits from the game was a loss.

Aizorana - Tianar - Kuri - Rage - Nogard - Hoax - Seren - Elmore - Mortimor

For being a jolly decent bunch of blokes and good friends over the years.

Hektor - Castaneda

For taking the time and effort to host some very good gen-events. It was good fun.


For helping a young gladiator complete his guru quest, by defeating Lyden. Apart from that we rarely crossed paths, but credit where credit is due :)


The help with the evil bug queen was much appreciated.

Other players with whom I feel a need to thank, just for making me a part of the community.
Bebop, Anslan, Arethian, Amberlea, Ant, Ash, Bofur, Canibus, Carnival, Crow,
Denbarra, Deproelius, Dionysos, Dordon, Drakman, Eden, Elsach, Ferris, Flingbang, Frajola, Fwap, Grampal, Hades, Hawk, Lysander, Malach, Mariuz, Matrim, Minion, Murdock, Nanja, Odysseus, Savannah, Sionell, Torque, Trutblemma, Zingil, Zugzug.
Im sure alot more deserves a praise from my part, unfortunately the green gas vials have errased a few good names. Like,
Monika, Denethor, Mikle, Talbot, Mysterion, Aphrodisia, Bogart, Mozart, Thalamus ... well the list is long. Whereever you are, and whatever you do, I wish you the best.

Ofcourse, also big thank you to those who pulled the string behind the scene, the Wizards, who put alot of effort into making this ride a very enjoyable one.


19 Jul 2010 19:13
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What a fun trip down Memory Lane.


Mmmmmm ... pie ...

19 Jul 2010 21:04
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Actually brought a tear to my old eyes.

Thanks Fairlight, for that trip. Althought you neglected to mention me. At least you remembered my wife, Fatale ;)

Angmar! ANGMAR!! ANGMAR!!!
Pulp Znuga! PULP!!!!

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19 Jul 2010 23:52
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Great reading, thank you!!

I so wish I'd known about Genesis earlier...but then again, if it hadn't been for Mim's careful guidance I probably hadn't played it if I had stumbled on it by myself.

//Emma's overseer

20 Jul 2010 00:02

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The censored letter reeks of Krewl, it reeks :) Either him or Dumar. I bet 100 plats :)

20 Jul 2010 16:21

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Fornax wrote:
The censored letter reeks of Krewl, it reeks :) Either him or Dumar. I bet 100 plats :)

So far you're 100 in the red, You want to go for double dare ? :D

30 Jul 2010 11:35
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AA got closed and this more or less spelled the end of Genesis of old. Obviously, the introduction of the dragonarmies came shortly afterwards, but too many had quit the game, or felt their call had ended within the realms by the closure of AA. This will be subject to discuission still.

This was actually close to being the case for me and a lot of people I knew. Was a sad day indeed. :(

Angmar! ANGMAR!! ANGMAR!!!
Pulp Znuga! PULP!!!!

30 Jul 2010 13:45
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