Way to go, Finwe!

Offer up praise and thanks to players and wizards alike. Nothing like feel good moments to spruce up morale
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Re: Way to go, Finwe!

Post by Tive » 18 Mar 2011 00:28

You can always use the map in the levatory in Gelan after you are done there, no?
Very useful *nod nod*

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Re: Way to go, Finwe!

Post by Cherek » 18 Mar 2011 02:34

amberlee wrote:It is not ungratefulness.
It is just that i see so much more important things to be done then update the magic map
Its a matter of what wizards enjoy doing. People usually dont volunteer to do something if they dont enjoy it.

I always nag about "Why arent people doing more to attract new players, why are they working on this and that instead?!". And I know the answer.

But as I said, I think the magic map is an important thing since its something helpful for new players. I personlly care very little for us oldies, and I care even less for expanding the world when we are too spread out already.

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Re: Way to go, Finwe!

Post by Amberlee » 18 Mar 2011 05:56

Cherek... You have no idea how small the donut really is :p
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