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less idling ... hmmm?

Posted: 21 Mar 2011 11:29
by Laurel
Thank you Zingil for comming back (eventho it's not like in old days - each day for hours)!
Thank you Rugogold for being around again (eventho it's not often and long)!
Thank you Nirnaeth for returning from your slumbers!
Thank you Acionyx for being around at times as well!
Hate you Irk/Barl for not supplying me with gear/exp anymore!
Hate you Barl for not being around anymore - you're the best Gen team-mate I had, you pouting butt! Take your quarrels with wizards elsewhere! :roll:
Thank you wizzies for the changes to:
meditation/stats/progress view

This actually makes me think about being more active again ... especially since LoL got me bored already.

Can someone work on speeding up Genesis after all? Casual gaming isn't really an option currently and I really don't feel like playing for countless hours anymore.

Re: less idling ... hmmm?

Posted: 21 Mar 2011 14:39
by Rhaegar
Btw. Do you know what happened to Barl irl?
I lost touch with him some years ago, when he moved to England for a while. Haven't seen Xirta around either (but I did find out by pure luck that after my marriage I'm now related to Darkaan - or whatever the name of this Neidar was ^_^ )

Edit: And HoN is superior to LoL in every possible way (maybe except the fact that it isn't free, but it isn't expensive either).