Thank you to quest orbs and helpful websites

Offer up praise and thanks to players and wizards alike. Nothing like feel good moments to spruce up morale
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Thank you to quest orbs and helpful websites

Post by Tindell » 26 Aug 2017 16:47

So I got a sudden twinge of nostalgia about two weeks ago (sitting at home with a fractured elbow, nothing to do, summer vacation...maybe a mud?) and came back to Genesis. I left for a couple reasons, but one was I was just bad at questing, but I really loved the stories of quests and places they brought you, so I didn't want to just grind.

Well, 12 years later and there are these wonderful quest orbs in the tower of the realms. Hope! So first, thank you to the wizards who created/implemented that idea. Coming back seemed so daunting because I had NO clue which quests I had and had not done all that time ago. Not anymore.

And then thank you to Tarax for his amazing website (and all those who contributed), which makes those orbs easier to use and provides even more hints (especially the syntax hints) when needed/wanted.

You all are the reason I'm back, and it's awesome to be roaming Genesis again.

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Re: Thank you to quest orbs and helpful websites

Post by Cherek » 26 Aug 2017 17:42

Welcome back!

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Re: Thank you to quest orbs and helpful websites

Post by Mim » 27 Aug 2017 17:23

There is an old thread about that here. ... ?f=8&t=804

I must admit I liked my own post and the replies to it there. :)
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