Fail safe for moronic tired (read drunk) players..

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Fail safe for moronic tired (read drunk) players..

Post by Elita » 13 May 2010 03:51

I am not sure if I was extremely lucky, but it feels more like someone coded a fail safe that kicks in close to armageddon. Because of the complaints of players that have lost all their items just cause they log on to early (like me for instance today, got home from an awesome bbq/beer eve with friends (hmm not sure I should call them that, taking me away from the game makes my Xp/min drop horrible :mrgreen: ) and log on to put stuff back in the racks. Mind you I had saved all there was in the racks... I do a "date" and "NOOOOOO!!!!, WTF! 1h plus minutes to go crap!" I finish recovering and to my delight it all saved again! So THANK YOU whoever it was that coded that....

Ok off to bed I go.

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Re: Fail safe for moronic tired (read drunk) players..

Post by Knuffel » 13 May 2010 17:36

So bottom line, you came home too early and should have stayed longer :mrgreen:


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Re: Fail safe for moronic tired (read drunk) players..

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 26 May 2010 16:44

I don't think it is a fail safe, just a lucky side effect of the increased chance of an item that is gathered close to the end of Arma saving.

It would be good to have the time to arma added to the log in screen as was suggested by Rhynox I think.
Or on the web page as suggested by Knuffel.
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