Global Balance Changes

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Global Balance Changes

Post by petros » 13 Mar 2010 12:33

Folks of Genesis,

I'll be making a more formal announcement on the Common Board soon. I wanted to give a heads up to everyone about a few changes that will be coming in the next regularly scheduled Armageddon. (meaning if the machine crashes before the next scheduled Armageddon, you won't see these changes)

First, global block will be introduced. It will be a skill that you can train in the Sparkle adventurers guild. Don't go rushing over there yet, because it's not available yet. Next Armageddon though... For now, you can read <help block> as the help text for block has been added. This post (and the upcoming Common board one) effectively serves as a notice so that people can prepare for the potential onslaught of people using block.

Second, magic item generation after Armageddon has been slightly tweaked. You'll start seeing more magic items being cloned earlier in the Armageddon cycle instead of far towards the end. This should ease some of the pain of folks who like to eq grab right after Armageddon. You still might not find what you're looking for right after Armageddon, but it should be a lot sooner.

Third, item recovery will be based on the time to Armageddon. What that means is that items cloned/created at the beginning of Armageddon will not glow. The closer you are to Armageddon, the more chance that your item will glow. Right before Armageddon, the chance of new items glowing will be almost 100%. This should address the concern that people have where they get a nice item before Armageddon, but they don't get to use it. Feedback on this will be much appreciated once you've had a chance to play around with it.