The Alliance of Elnoven

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The Alliance of Elnoven

Post by Fairlight » 09 Apr 2012 14:17

This is taken from the old Alliance homepage. I think Peldor was the guy in charge. However, just to share it with those remembering days of old, it is a good read. It is a sad thought that in these months we are passing through will turn that event into a 14 year old occourance. Time flies! Anyways, enjoy!

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Pre-War deaths: 

Rajak the Calian is slain by a team of four assorted Angmarim. 
The next night, two of those four have been slain in retribution. 
Kithkanan the Calian is slain by a team of four assorted Angmarim. 
Cherek the Knight is slain by unknown Angmarim. 

March 20, 1998: War is declared

Caldin (Angmarim) is slain by vampires while fighting with Fergor the Knight in the Bree Post Office. 
Straag (Angmarim) is slain by a team led by Rajak the Calian. He reportedly leaves the Army afterward. 

March 22, 23: Heavy skirmishing. 
This period marks the initial assaults of the war. 

Zar the Ranger pupil is slain by Nalfein the Angmarim. 
Ra and Becher (Angmarim) are slain in retribution. 
Blake the Knight leads a team that slays Jecose the Angmarim. 
Terissa the Calian is slain by Angmarim while afk in the Bree Post Office. 
Bhimasena the Angmarim is slain by a Calian team. 
A large group of Calians, Knights and Rangers enter the bushes beyond which the Angmar Headquarters is hidden. The guards attack the elves in the party, and the party assists. Massive lag ensues, and most of the team is slaughtered. 
Dragoon the Calian applicant is slain by a team of Angmarim in Sparkle. 
Nalfein and Bueradin (Angmarim) are slain by Calians. 

March 27, 1998: Further casualties 
After a lull during which there was some skirmishing, but more licking of wounds, the deaths begin to mount once more. 

Zugzug the Angmarim slays Sunlight, a wanderer Gladiator, who seemingly stole Zugzug's loot. A team consisting of Danov, Rauko, Alban, Ferris, Shania, Tracker and Fanatica assembled for vengeance. They found Zugzug in Kalad with Pennywise, Ulath, and Vygiz (Angmarim) and Stralle of the Shadow Union. Stralle and Danov died within short order of one another, and Zugzug wimpied from the battle, taking his team with him. Shortly after, both teams confronted one another in Sparkle. Lanfear the Neidar had joined Rauko's team, and Jooli the Kahedan had joined Zugzug's team. In this battle Rauko's team was worsted, resulting in the deaths of Ferris, Danov and Lanfear. 
An Allied team confronts an Angmarim team. Hawk the Angmarim is reportedly wimpied and forced to quit at death's door. None are slain. 
The young Ranger Matrim was slain by Zugzug. 

March 28, 1998: A good day for the Alliance 
The war started poorly for the allies, but it seems that hasty assaults and hot heads have been restrained, for the tide is slowly turning in the other direction. 

Becher, the young but agressive Angmarim, is slain by Calians. 
Pennywise and Caldin (Angmarim) attack Yavanna the Knight in Pax Tharkas. Yavanna butchers Pennywise like a hog. Caldin flees upon Pennywise's death. 

March 29, 1998: Initial losses repaid 

The day began when a team of between eight and ten Angmarim, led by Deproelius, slew the Calian Fanatica. 
Growl and Jecose (Angmarim) and Rain (a monk) attacked the Knight's Spur. Blake, Ferris and Ant arrived at the scene to engage them, and slew Growl. Rain and Jecose fled. 
Blake's team, having grown, encountered and slew Jecose, who seemed more interested in calling the team "Losers" than in saving his skin. 

March 30, 1998: More bad news for the Angmarim 

The young Angmarim Natas was slain by Calians. 
High Clerist Kuti led an Alliance team which slew the Angmarim Emper. 
Alban the Knight led a team which slew the Angmarim Zizo. 
The Calian Per leads a team which slays the Angmarim Sarenkir. 
March 31, 1998: A black day for both sides 
A note to younger Angmarim: If you prefer not to become involved in the fighting, then it will be best for you to introduce yourself. When it is seen that you are a youngster, you will likely be allowed to pass unmolested, if you state your wish to do so. However, if you have been involved in attacks upon allies, then you cannot expect to remain unharmed. It is our advice that youngsters stay out of the war; once you have entered, be prepared to face the consequences of war. It is noteworthy that both Baudoin and Adrathor have attacked members of the Alliance. 

The young Ranger Allanon is slain by the Angmarim Monika, who specializes in slaying those smaller than her. 
Baudoin, an Angmarim of small stature is slain by an Allied team just outside the Angmar Headquarters. 
The young Angmarim Adrathor is slain by Mikle the Calian. Despite his small size, Adrathor has been involved in attacks upon members of the Alliance. 
The by now very small Angmarim Natas is slain yet again by Calians. 
In what may be the only real victory for either side on this otherwise bleak day, a duel to the death occurred between the challenger, Sergeant Emper of the Army of Angmar, and the defender, Sir Cherek of the Crown. Both combatants fought hard and the battle was equal to the end, when Cherek struck Emper down from the very door of death where both of them fought. Let none say that Sergeant Emper is a coward. 

April 1-2, 1998: A lull in the fighting begins 

A party led by Lord Blake encounter and slay Caldin in the Bree post office. His teammate Mortimor is also killed, and Luther compelled to flee. 

April 3-4, 1998: the lull continues 

Few Angmarim are seen in the realms. Caldin has the misfortune to be an exception, and is slain in Sparkle by a team of Calians. 

April 5-8, 1998: fruitless skirmishing 

Several small fights are reported, but no fatalities. 

April 9, 1998: war resumes 

Monika manages to kill another veteran, the squire Alfred MarKenin, on a ship. Lady Tianar of the Sword Order responds by leading a small party to the Angmar guildhouse and occupying it. Adrathor is slain, as are Hokus, and Logar (because he doesn't introduce himself, and his size is unknown). Diamond, a small AA-applicant who is not involved in the fights, gets lost in the AA guildhouse, is killed by the guards, and tries to blame the attackers for his mistake. A Morgul Mage/Angmar of approximately champion size arrives alone, is not joined by anyone, but makes the confusing announcement that he intends to assist his teammates. A fight ensues and, seeing the mage blocked into the room and losing, Flingbang and the other angmarim involved beat a hasty retreat, leaving him to die. 
The Calian Houdini and two guildmates slay Jadavin on the Flotsam-Sparkle boat. 

April 10-13 1998: relative quiet 

Fighting continues, but no deaths are reported. Noteworthy (for their violation of guild policies/treaties) are an attack on a knight's party by an unidentified Morgul Mage, and still more (spontaneous and unintroduced) attacks on rangers by the renegade monk Hades. Stern, King of Minas Morgul, arrives at Vingaard Keep in a rage over the death of the mage in the Angmar guildhouse. He talks to Sir Arbitor, demanding the death of a knight (unbeknownst to Sir Arbitor, Stern has already made the same demand of the Grandmaster, and been turned down). Sir Arbitor volunteers to pay Stern's price, eats hemlock, and dies at the feet of the statue of Huma. 

April 14 1998: Soote slain 

General Blake is said to have lead a party which slew the Angmar Soote right outside his guildhouse. 
April 15 1998: Fanatica slain 

A small team lead by the Calian Houdini encounter Monika and Vygiz, and Fanatica is attacked and slain. 

April 16-22 1998: Relative quiet 

Skirmishing continues, but no deaths are reported until the 22nd, when Monika kills the Ranger Imrahil. 

April 23-26 1998: More small folk die, Soote slain again 

Jooli and Pennywise show their species of heroism, attacking and killing a very lagged Shef, Great Adventurer and new Ranger pupil. They attempt to kill him again near his start room, but he escapes. The smallish Calian Hektor finds the Angmar Cereal attacking one of his friends, and kills Cereal. In a somewhat bizarre sequel, Cereal attacks Shania, who has just left the Rangers and become a Gladiator. Shania, teamed with a Vampire and a Ranger, later encounter Cereal and kill him. They also run into Soote, who earlier attacked Shania, and send him to Lars as well. 

April 27-30 1998: Rumours of peace talks 

As rumours spread that discussions of terms are underway, relative quiet prevails. An exception is a duel, in which the new Neidar Burg sends the Angmar Cereal to see Lars yet another time. 

May 1-5 1998: Back to war as usual 

As there is no news of a treaty, war continues. General Blake leads a small party east of Bree, where they encounter Mallor, Pennywise, Vygiz, and two other Angmarim. Mallor quits out of combat, Vygiz is chopped to pieces, and their friends beat a hasty retreat. An alliance party goes after a team consisting of Angmarim Mallor, Zugzug, Nalgorne and Tarasin. Tarasin is slain after his teammates flee. In a third, and somewhat unclear, incident, a party of rangers chasing a thief encounter a party of goblins outside the Angmar guildhouse. The rangers are victorious, killing Cerlion. 

May 6-17 1998: a lull 

Although we have had no reports of deaths during these eleven days, we have seen a copy of a rather amusing log that is circulating, in which Monika (AFK, although they did not know that) is attacked by a Ranger who had just become a champion and a veteran Neidar. Monika ends up quitting out of combat at the brink of death. I usually don't report fights that do not result in any deaths, but that one was just too entertaining to pass up! Congrats to the spunky youngsters. (Note: We do not in any way condone attacks on persons known or believed to be afk (not that that seems to have applied in this case), nor would we recommend that other veterans or small champs attempt to take on much larger champs.) 

May 18 1998: Vygiz slain again 

A party of 4 knights, lead by Lord Kuti, encounters a team of 5 Angmarim, lead by Monika, in Kalaman. The goblins are beaten back, leaving a corpse of Vygiz behind them. 

May 19 1998: Matrim slain while afk 

After I posted about the two youngsters who attacked Monika (but did not realize she was afk) we got mail from Monika and Deproelius on the topic. Monika said, in part, "I was almost killed because I was totally AFK... No reason for me to complain if I had been killed, I've been using that to my advantage often enough..." Deproelius was condemnatory, saying of attacking afk people, "I feel that this is one of the lowest acts that you can do". Perhaps Deproelius should have a word with his fellow Angmar Council members then, because today Mallor attacked the Knight Cherek in the Bree PO while his link was down. Cherek reconnected to find he was barely alive, but had eventually fled into a safe room. Mallor then attacked the (afk) young Ranger Matrim and, despite rescues from the still gravely injured Cherek, killed Matrim. What say you, Deproelius? Are your guild captain and Final Judge, Monika and Mallor, as low as they come? 

May 20-25 1998: Mallor and Per duel 

Following several days filled with fights but no reported casualties, Mallor and the Calian Per are said to have fought a duel, which Mallor won. We are unsure what the reason for the duel was, or even whether it should be considered as a part of the war -- more details when and if we get them. 

May 26-27 1998: Fwap and Eriandel kill afk Ranger 

The Shadow Union member Eriandel, leading the Angmar Fwap, attack and kill the Ranger Alexus in Flotsam. When confronted about his participation, Eriandel claimed that he auto-assisted, but logs clearly show that he began to sway before the attack, and participated quite voluntarily. He has accordingly been added to the description lists as an Angmar ally. 

May 28 - June 11, 1998: Waiting 

Few seem very interested in fighting, as it is known that the Army of Angmar will soon cease to exist. It is said that the Neidar Chuck killed an unknown Angmar near Kalaman, and that Pennywise and Jooli killed the Neidar Rauko in retaliation.
Fwap and Dethraine encounter Lord Bayerd Brightblade in Flotsam, and a drawn-out fight ensues, in which both Fwap and Bayerd are seriously injured. Dethraine continues to pursue Bayerd, and, to his dismay, finds him... along with Lord Kuti Silverblade, Lady Zoirenna Silverblade, and Lady Peridot Brightblade. Dethraine swears violently and struggles in vain to escape, but as quickly as Lord Kuti can wheel his horse around to charge, Dethraine's now sightless head and now weaponless body part company. 

June 12-21 1998: The Army of Angmar's final bow 

Peaceful feelings are widespread, but never quite make it to 2 or 3 Angmarim and AA-friends. Jooli just cannot get over her habit of attacking injured people, and goes after a small party (Calians and other) at Goliath. Unfortunately for Jooli, they are not too injured to kill her.

Fwap and Murdock encounter two rangers in the goblin caves, and the young ranger Euphoria is slain in the ensuing fight.

A party of several Angmarim and their allies, led by Luther, attack a Calian. They are soon tracked down in Flotsam by 2 teams of Alliance members. Luther is slain, and his smallish accomplice Gandar is chopped to pieces. 
Found abit more on the subject

Code: Select all

The Army of Angmar is no more. This means, of course, that the war is over, and that our goal for this page has been fulfilled. We will therefore be gradually shifting these pages over to coverage of the peacetime interests of guilds belonging to the Alliance. Assuming, that is, that there are no wars on the horizon. 

Lord Igneous of the Shire has announced Sauron's decision to dissolve the Army of Angmar in 2 weeks. See Sauron's messenger's post on the Army's fall from his favour. 

Monika writes, adding a bit to the report below. She says that she is not certain about the identity of the pair who killed her, but suggests that the nazgul involved may have been Celephias. Because I only spoke with one of her attackers, and because none of the parties involved are likely to send me logs, I cannot be certain myself at the moment. As for the motive, that seems fairly clear. Monika adds "...there was a conflict in command, Stern joined our guild, but did not accept his rules and thought the mages should command us," so I can hardly rule out King Stern as an attacker. Monika also says that she was afk while attacked, and adds that the Archmage (and purported Angmar ally) Locklear also killed her while afk later that day. Finally, Monika has returned to being a goblin again, and now looks like Deproelius' little sister. 

Monika, the head of the Army of Angmar, has been slain by the first King of Minas Morgul and the current King of Minas Morgul, subsequently quitting the Army, joining the Gladiators, being expelled from the Disciples, quitting the Gladiators, and finally ending up as a guildless human. "Evil feeds upon itself," as we say in Krynn. An anonymous, but extremely reliable source informs me that Monika and Stern had a little disagreement about who should be giving orders and who should be following them. 

Line writes to contest the figures below, saying that Jecose and Jadavin were not AA at the time they were killed. This may well be true. I suppose I could have given them their own category of "Angmar allies who are themselves on-and-off Angmars who were killed for things they did while Angmars or while attacking Vingaard Keep in the company of Angmars," but I was trying to keep it simple. I also counted Lanfear as an ally killed, although, as a Neidar, he isn't actually in the Alliance at all. Like I said, just trying to keep it simple.

Line also thought I overlooked those who died in the bushes outside the Angmar guildhouse, but apparently she wasn't reading very carefully. Finally, she says that Caldin was a veteran after he was killed the first time. I have verified (with one of those who killed him the second time) that he was again a champion by his second death, but I will assume that Line may be right about the third time. That modifies the count to 13-14 Allied-type champions' deaths vs. 20-23 Angmar-type. I apologize for the inaccuracy, especially as it compelled me to bore you all with this bulky and insignificant erratum. 

Word has reached us that an officer of the Army of Angmar claims that "all (the Alliance) can manage to do is kill youngsters," and that people should "look at the scoreboard." So I did a quick tally of the "Deaths" page. I don't know if a few of those people were veterans or champions at the times of their deaths, but it looks to me as if 8 Allied champions have been killed by Angmarim (Danov twice, Lanfear, Ferris, Terissa, Fanatica, Imrahil, and Alexus) and 20+ Angmar champs have been killed by Allied forces (Caldin three times, Jecose, Soote, Emper and Vygiz twice each, Straag, Ra, Nalfein, Pennywise, Zizo, Hokus, Jadavin, Bueradin and Cerlion -- the size of Sarenkir, Bhimasena, Growl and some others I am not sure of) since war was declared. If we add in those who died at the hands of the Angmar guild guards, that would make the totals more like 13-14 Allied champs killed, versus 21-24 Angmar champs. Am I missing something, or are servants of the Dark Lord not particularly honest? 

The Monk/Angmar Bonk has written to us, saying that he is a peaceful sort, dislikes the war, and hopes to stay out of it. 

We had been hearing for some time that members of the Army of Angmar have been leaving in droves, so I began a comprehensive updating of the description lists. And, I must say, they do indeed seem to be leaving rather quickly! The following have lately had their listing changed to "ex-Angmar": Bebop, Becher, Bloodlust, Bueradin, Cabral, Caesar, Casba, Cereal, Crusher, Crystania, Dakandaar, Darth, Doughboy, Drakman, Elysia, Fido, Flex, Flippyjoe, Gallahan, Gargayle, Ghazg, Gilean, Gnarf, Gobba, Gram, Grimace, Gruff, Grunge, Gurgel, Hendrix, Indigo, Ishnacht, Jadavin, Julia, Karpath, Kong, Krangh, Kuri, Kysler, Lappnil, Laurel, Lazarus, Limbeck, Lindros, Linus, Locklear, Magnoro, Malachi, Mali, Maren, Melchar, Metrx, Mickey, Morg, Moridin, Narf, Natas, Necros, Nyle, Oloth, Pell, Pippilotta, Pirvan, Ponka, Rhunt, Sarenkir, Skarsnik, Soote, Spazm, Stern, Talis, Thor, Thurin, Tinkel, Tock, Torak, Tweed, Ufthak, Ugelplect, Umbar, Uriel, Vassago, Weed, Whisper, Winnetou, Zayn, Zeppelin, and Zizo (plus some others I am overlooking). My condolences to the half-dozen or so new members that have been added. While some of these defections almost certainly predate the war, it is clear that the Army is now little more than a platoon, having dropped from 143 members 9 months ago to 85 today, and, at these attrition rates, the Army will cease to exist within 13 months. 

And the note that brought the AA to fall

Code: Select all

The Wrath of The Lidless Eye.              25 Messenger     Mortal      Jun  8

        Hail in the name of the Lidless Eye!

        Today you have brought upon you the wrath of your Dark Lord!
You have failed Him and dissapointed Him greatly.  He does not take
failure well.  Your collective willingness to follow Him and serve His
cause has dwindled greatly since the days Morgrond led you, He expects
that type of devotion from all that serve Him.  Now the majority serve 
yourselves and look out for not His best interests but your own.  You 
fight among yourselves, among His servents to the point where His closest
servents have departed your company and taken to mortally wounding your
Captain.  This infighting among His servents is what you would expect from
a band of untrained yrchs not from His once prized warriors.

        You have lost His favour, without it you are nothing!   In two 
weeks time all aid to your army shall be cut off.  You will be left to
fend for yourselves without the banner of Angmar to protect you.

        All thoose who have been faithful to Him shall be called upon one 
day to serve Him in a greater glory!  An army is building near Mordor and 
soon we shall destroy the forces of the West, all for the glory of His 
name.  The faithful shall be there fighting in His army, accomplishing His 
goals.  The rest of you will be left to tremble before Him when He is 
victorious and thoose not allied with Him are trampled beneath His army!

A messenger from Minas Morgul.

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Re: The Alliance of Elnoven

Post by gorboth » 09 Apr 2012 16:12

These were great times. Fun to see how many names remain not only recognizable, but actually are regular active players to this day.

Thanks for the memories, Fairlight!
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Re: The Alliance of Elnoven

Post by Amberlee » 09 Apr 2012 16:22

Good times :D
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Re: The Alliance of Elnoven

Post by Makfly » 09 Apr 2012 16:52

I never did get Blake back for that! /shakes fist
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Re: The Alliance of Elnoven

Post by Uther » 09 Apr 2012 22:14

The golden days...
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Re: The Alliance of Elnoven

Post by Cherek » 10 Apr 2012 00:08

I still feel bad for using potions and herbs in that duel... not very knightly, although we didnt say we could _not_ use them, so tehcnically fair! :)

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