Good Caster Guild?

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Re: Good Caster Guild?

Post by Bromen » 13 Mar 2010 12:04

I like the idea of safter castings and such. Perhaps a practice room maybe in order where they could practice fireballs and lightning in order to learn the consequences of a hastily cast spell.

Any true caster guilds should follow some basic rpg guidelines.

1- Higher intelligence, wisdom, and dexterity will make all the difference in casting a spell.
2- Little to no armour, defensive skill, or offensive weapon skill.
The idea of a caster, to me, is someone that depends solely on magic for defensive and offensive purposes. If there is a weapons or trinket that they have created (through alchemy, jewelcraft, etc.) then I can see them being quite effective with that item. Else spells similar to runeshield, stoneskin, ironskin, etc. should supplement a high defensive skill.**
3- High damage output, specialization, quick casting or stronger casting specials.
I had an idea hit me in the past few days that would be interesting to hear feedback on. If I were a spellcaster, a master of magic, and I entered a room with 3-4 opponents, I believe I should be able to cast an AOE on all of them. I'm not sure if any spell effect like this exists in the game (save draconians that explode, dissolve into acid, or become a tiki torch) but I feel any good caster guild should have a few spells that could damage many in the vicinity.


** I heard somewhere that a certain spellcasting guild can attain the rank of sup guru defence. The only guilds I believe should have this ability are the pure fighting ones. *shrug*

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Re: Good Caster Guild?

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 15 Mar 2010 12:36

Know a couple of player guild area of effect spells for negative effects but none for pure damage.
Krynnish dragons and dragonturtles, do area of effect really well, tank gets the majority of the damage and those behind the tank get less.

Also know a sword that can damage all your opponents with its special attacks.
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