Dead Gentlemen Collaboration

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Re: Dead Gentlemen Collaboration

Post by Greneth » 11 Nov 2012 22:15

Kvator wrote:yeah, but used to be more than 250 + queue :>
(still have my chaos mutant there :D)
There are quite a few muds with 100+ on average. Most are RP muds, or RP oriented with a side of combat. There's tons of old threads about why and how they are able to keep their playerbase.

I'll have to argue a bit with... Ogre? Targun... one of you, posting from phone so hard to look back and I could be on the wrong thread completely. Game mechanics mean jack. Seriously they play a very very small role in keeping players. Once I'm back at home id be more then happy to link several examples.

What keeps players is..... other players. Its the interaction between people, the only thing mechanically that may effect more then anything else is pvp. If everyone is too busy with grinding, stats, worrying about dying, able to run from confrontation there's no interaction. I bet most people have forgotten about snowballs in Icewall. Several tools to use in game to interact with others, but for as much as everyone wants new people... very few are willing to step up to the plate and stop grinding or gathering eq. And bringing a newbie on a eq or xp trip doesn't count.

Anyways done hijacking, I think the video would be great if 100 people watch and 3 new people join us out of the 20 that may try, well that's a win in my book.

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Re: Dead Gentlemen Collaboration

Post by Uther » 17 Nov 2012 13:36

Targun wrote:One question Gorboth? Did you actually play Genesis for lets say a month? Regularely. 2-3 hours every 2-3 days? Gathered eq, went grinding etc.? I've seen a number of MUDs. I've seen 4 polish MUDs created on Genesis Driver/Mudlib. Each of them beats Gen in every possible way, other than lore/descriptions by a mile. Game mechanics- thousands of miles.

The game doesn't need new content. It needs playable mechanics, and all sort of fancy skills, systems, crafts, etc. There is way too much unused content already.
So what we need is Polish Wizards? By all mean Targun and the others bring em here .. they might bring some polish players as well.
Do you know any polish players/wizards that might wanna get on Genesis ?

And yes .. Genesis needs new content to keep the players staying .. the mud needs to constantly develope or we lose players like we have and still are.
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Re: Dead Gentlemen Collaboration

Post by Uther » 17 Nov 2012 13:57

arcon wrote:
Draugor wrote:
Cherek wrote:Kvator: Batmud has over 100 players online right now if I counted right... I think they have more than that on peak hours. So no, not all muds are dead or dying. I dont know exactly what they did to succeed, but they do have a very appealing website, a custom and pretty visual client, and if I understand correctly they have had or has an advertisement team working on marketing.

The game itself I dont know, my first impression was it sucked in more than one way... but I didnt really give it more than 10 min when I tried it.

I think there are fairly successful polish muds out there too? Our polish players keep mentioning some of them as references of successful muds all the time.:)

LAst time I checked 6 or so months ago Batmud had peaks on up towards 300 players online, wizards exluded. The main reason is that the wizards actually listen to players now and then there from what I've learned when I tried it out.

Not my kinda mud tho
Wizards listened to the players and made more mortal levels, then they listen some more and made more stat levels and then some more grinding places. All of those things are, in my opinion the reason the game is how it is today.
Most players ask for things that are good for them and not for the game. Wizards should stop thinking of how to please players(90% just want to get bigger easier and faster) and more on how to improve the game.

BLAM!! BLAM!!! And Arcon just killed Genesis... if the wizards would stop thinking how to please the players, then in the end the core players would leave as well.
But then on the other hand... Have the wizards ever pleased the players and ignored the game improvement?

Point out for me, some proof, that the wizards have pleased the players in Genesis, or are you just refering to batmud wizards here?

There has been so many threads on this forum about how to keep the players from leaving.. the "golden carrot" you know, but the wizards have kept ignoring the players and their wantings
and therefor many of the players AND wizards has left Genesis. True facts.

Just check on MMORPG's like WoW, Everquest, Guild Wars etc etc. They always got new expansions and content, that to keep the players paying the montly fee,(I know genesis is free to play and have no payed wizards to code for genesis), but the point is, to keep players from leaving you need to develope the game and keep them interested and how do you do that ? BY PLEASING THE PLAYERS!!! Pleased players stays, unpleased players leave. Simple fact and logic.

So please feel welcome and ignore the players wantings and desires and just focus on game improvement and we will see how Genesis is in a year or two.

Though the promotion was good and brought back players and raise player average, that I praise.
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