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Re: Newbie pin

Post by Chamdin » 29 Mar 2010 12:06

Rhynox wrote:Well, today it happened to me for the second time (^_^;) I teamed with a newbie, who was wanderer, and took him to Faerun. There he grew to adventurer, and he lost his newbie pin. He told me he still wants to be considered a newbie (even if he is big and knows enough to travel around) because he still has questions to do. That made me think (again) on this issue: if a newbie enters Genesis, and I pick him up, take him to Faerun and grow him to adventurer in a single day, he will lose his pin when he still needs it.

There could be an expert newbie if he is lucky enough to meet people to team with them, but the system won't accept that. That is why I think newbies should be considered according to their time around.

2 days would be the minimum, but would be nice to have statistics about how long it takes a newbie to graduate from the newbie land, and to determine a good time (maybe 5 days) to consider a newbie as one. This way we could stick pump them up but have time to play as newbies (asking questions, for example). Maybe have the home command removed after a couple of days, but keep considering newbies as such for a few days more?

I couldnt agree more,it is so easy for a newbie to become adventurer and loose the pin.Chamdin for example teamed with Hektor,Yanus,Madmartigan and Castaneda watching them slay trolls.I dont know how many fantastics I made that time.I was violent when the team split.
The thing was that Chamdin was far more experienced than the player behind him.

After a meeting with Death and Lars I teamed with a monk,Sharn,and we went to Faerun.I become adventurer and felt surprised when my pin vanished.I didnt have more knowledge about Genesis than before but the game considered me an experienced player.I had explored Calia and Sparkle at that time so Yes I considered me being the utter newbie.

I prefer a time limit if the person within that time reached the level Adventurer at least.
As an example,when I collected signatures for my booktask I ran into a character,younger than me but already rising hero.He could not sign my book.
He wasnt experienced enough?,or old enough.
The Newbie pin could have the same time limit insted of level limit.

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Re: Newbie pin

Post by Knuffel » 04 Apr 2010 18:59

And where does one go to help youngsters ?

I assumed it would be an obvious place in Sparkle, but I must be overlooking it.
Any clues, or is it actually a quest to help youngsters ?


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Re: Newbie pin

Post by Cherek » 05 Apr 2010 23:43

Its at the welcome poster at the common boards. I didnt find it myself, its not really that logical if you ask me... kinda hard to figure out on your own since the sign is aimed at new players and it doesnt even contain any information about what newbie helper is. Just says get your pin here if you read it. And why would ever read the welcome poster as an old player anyway? I just noticed it alsocontains a pretty bad typo...

"Use 'list me' to receive your newbie helper pin or restore a lost a lost one."

A typo might not be the thing new players should see when they first enter the realms?:)

Maybe the sign could be updated with info both for newbies and helpers or something?

I'd rather see a more roleplay-ish approach though, like some merchant in Sparkle selling newbie pins and is advertising about it. "Get your newbie helper pin here!"-kind of.. that would be more Genesis-style and maybe will result in a few more helpers. Today Its not that big part of the population who actually has a pin, or is using it.

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Re: Newbie pin

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 29 Apr 2010 12:20

Some testimony from a newb on the line...
<Newbie> Moshr: bloody stupid.... when you hit adventurer you loose the pin!
<Newbie> Eagledead: 'lol' Yes,that is the case I am afraid.
<Newbie> Moshr: without eagle i would've panicked and quit heh
<Newbie> Tarax: Can get it again of course. But yeah that is being talked
about on the forum..
<Newbie> Eagledead: The game considers you as an experienced player now,just
as Tarax.
<Newbie> Tarax: Mind you even some experienced players not sure where to get
the helper pin..
> nlist

--- Fellow Helpers:

Greywolf Eagledead Yanus

--- Active Newbies:


<Newbie> Moshr: I'm a very experienced one now!
<Newbie> Eagledead: You can still ask for hints...
<Newbie> Moshr: Yes, im happy with that, really think i'd given up hadnt you
been there to tell me i could get new one
Join up and help each other with Quests :)

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