Ranger cloaks

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Re: Ranger cloaks

Post by Elita » 25 May 2010 22:47

Ok, now you guys have been on and on about the cloaks, maybe I should have started a new thread for my complaint. But I'll settle for hijacking this one... :twisted:

Smokesignals anyone?? I am all for them and that they can be read etc while in the same area. But come on!! Smokesignals across domains? shouldnt they
have the same limitations as maybe pigeons or ferrets?


Re: Ranger cloaks

Post by Maizara » 26 May 2010 01:21

knuffel wrote:
Maizara wrote:... All it takes is a few words with anyone in game who has a second char that is a goody or a few words with someone on msn or skype and you know who the rangers are.
Both are considered illegal, no ?

Or did the rules change and is there a Vingaard Keep group on MSN where "everyone" is exchanging info ... except the outcrowd.

Given that this forum is considered a legal extension of the game, I learned a lot here, but still, ... using skype or second chars seems not really correct to identify who is who.
This should be done truely "in game" according to me ...

I know it must suck to keep living in '91 but do try to keep up with the times, people do talk on messengers it happens. And theres going to be people who know alot about everything going on in game. Even so if someone knows out of game and I roleplay it to ask them in game im still going to get the answer anyways.

Would love for people to have your train of thought where everyones mouths stays shut about everything but it doesnt work like that. So you adapt or get left behind.

As for the show unmet, I didn't know that was pretty sure it showed everyone regardless, have to check it out.

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Re: Ranger cloaks

Post by Hektor » 26 May 2010 09:15

The whole cloaking deal... Someone might have different facts here so feel free to rail - the first I recall seeing was Mozart (old Vampire) back in.. 98 I think running around "enveloped in a mysterious darkness" something sort thing vampire ability. So he had like 3 lines of long description.

Later scop (2003) got a "shadowy form" - which had a rather boring few line description - but full cloaking in the sense we would be unnamed until introduced (even to people who remembered us). I thought that was a bit extreme, and with Hektor being the brash blabbermouth he is... I found it hard to RP incognito to that extent, though it was fun at times.

The Rangers got their recode around that time as well (The only person who ever rejected our invitation to become a scop, was rooting for RoN come back and his wish came true hehe) and their cloaks emulated our forms.

Eventually the shadowy form was changed into the presences that you see today. It was then deemed illegal by the wizards at that time to run around as "unnamed" if someone had you remembered so that was removed, but we kept the altered description. (This is where I could whine about others not having that removed, but really ... its Genesis, things happen in phases thats just how it is).

Funny thing Tarax, sometimes the cloaking actually worked the other way around. (with the unnamed bit that is) there are stories of small shadowy figures escaping fights because "what if it isnt him but X big scop instead". It depends on the attacker. One thing remains very certain with scop as such - fear of what "might be" is far more powerful than what actually is. The shadowy form later presence has worked in that favor. I understand the complaint about the torque bit, but where does it say that wearing a torque bears any more risk than "You can be scried if you want to be scrying others"? It is not that hard to learn torques - scops included.
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Re: Ranger cloaks

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 26 May 2010 12:37

Elita wrote:Ok, now you guys have been on and on about the cloaks, maybe I should have started a new thread for my complaint. But I'll settle for hijacking this one... :twisted:

Smokesignals anyone?? I am all for them and that they can be read etc while in the same area. But come on!! Smokesignals across domains? shouldnt they
have the same limitations as maybe pigeons or ferrets?
Smoke signals are uber. Angmar are the wizards favourites!!!
Darn I forgot to set my out of mud smoke signal autoreply.
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Re: Ranger cloaks

Post by Ilrahil » 26 May 2010 19:48

The nice thing about the presence form is that the descriptions are different if you pay very close attention, so if you have been around them enough you can pinpoint who it is. The ranger cloaks are very much all the same.

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Re: Ranger cloaks

Post by Enkil » 26 May 2010 22:24

I think Hektor missed out WoHS cloaks, they hide the name too, even if
you had them remembered. Not sure about if they masked more than
the name though.

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Re: Ranger cloaks

Post by Rhynox » 29 May 2010 05:53

I once asked Logg why we had the "You are a member of the Neidar Clan." in our description when most other guilds could hide their affiliations, and he said something about being proud of who we are. I think every guild should decide by its own, in terms of roleplay, whether stalk is accepted or not. I have always thought that spellcasters should cover themselves (therefore necromancers, priests, mages, heralds, even the clerics) unless they are battle mages or warlocks.

I don't have complains about others being able to hide who they are. My only problem was when the new ranger cloaks were introduced and you could not even last them if they were wearing them. I don't mind what armours a soldier is wearing, I can just attack him and see them anyway during the combat. And torques are overrated now that the who list has been extended.


Re: Ranger cloaks

Post by Ilrahil » 29 May 2010 21:17

Same with messengers Rhynox. If you had the ones that you had to have them in memory when they had the cloaks on it didn't allow you to send messages. Presence form was like that for a while.

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Re: Ranger cloaks

Post by Zingil » 11 Jan 2011 23:23

I apologize for resurrecting this rather old topic but if you open your copies of 'The Two Towers' (which I assume you all possess) and read the description of the garments worn by the Rangers of Ithilien capturing Frodo and Sam you will see how they effectively conceal its bearers features.

For those of you who do not have a copy: The Rangers wear a mask over their faces, with only a narrow slit for the eyes, under the hoods of their cloaks.

I believe it was Nitramin who pointed this out when the topic was discussed on the Eden Forum.

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