Middle Earth war system

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Middle Earth war system

Post by Alteor » 27 Nov 2017 12:59

Dragonlance inspired areas have a cool war system, where the involved armies can conquer territories, and also control their own cities and attack each other.

Middle Earth seemly was going in that direction at some point and it got abandoned.

Instead of making something super complicated, that would change quests and break stuff, I had an idea for a very simple war system:

1. A way to notify in a realistic manner, when someone is murdering "your" NPCs, for example have NPCs try to give out alert, so if someone start to murder the rangers for example, they might try to blow horns and send pigeons and squirrels to player rangers.

2. Some areas trigger alarms that work in same way as 1, if enemy players enter them, for example rangers that are spotted by NPCs inside Minas Morgul, or someone from Army of Angmar spotted inside a certain fort inside the Anduin river.

3. Have items for the opposing sides, inside someone area, thus giving motivation for the attacks... For example items that only MM and AA people would want and/or can use, inside Gondor and Shire, and items for Rangers, Heralds and Militia inside Minas Morgul, Isengard, and so on...


The working of the war thus would be very simple, noone would conquer anything or make territories change hands, at least on this system (a future and cooler war system I believe was the intention to be made, according to the tower of realms wizards are waiting for someone to volunteer to code the war of the ring...), players in Genesis, specially players that are already maxed in skills and rich, have gear as their main motivation to do things, the game rules ensure you are always losing gear, thus getting new gear is always necessary, so having cool gear in enemy areas would make players figure how to attack those areas.

So an example:

In ME lore, Sauron is a smith, a good one, so we can put in our story that he made a prototype bracer for Morgul Mages that increase some of their spellcasting skills, while it doesn't help with good mages skills, and maybe is evil-align only.

Except that fabulous evil bracer during transport got captured, and is now held for study in the Rangers base in the Anduin river.

Thus every Arma, the bracer would spawn there... and thus MM, and possibly necromancers and such, will want it. So they might organize an attack, forcing Rangers to go there and defend. (or not, if they are squeamish).

Now, lots of rangers are patrolling Ithilien too! And whooops, one of them is captured and is inside Minas Morgul... Every Arma that dude spawns there, whoever manages to get him out, is rewarded with his personal book about herbs, protected by a Valar blessing, so only non-evil can read it, and whoever carries this book gets a buff to herbing skill.

So every Arma Rangers have to setup that rescue mission, invade MM and rescue the dude to get his book back.


Of course, it is quite possible some side will just entirely neglect their defenses, there is no penalty to fail to defend (even because often players probably will just be not good enough to defend, or not have enough players on their side), but to dissuade people from intentionally never defending, there should be some running score somewhere, like there are already a tracking of "enemies" in many guilds, it could be tracked how many battles a certain side lost and won, visible only to themselves, so if Rangers ignore the fort with the magic bracers completely, and let MM raid it every army, they will see in their guild a long string of losses. Thus people that like RP can go and scream at their guild leaders for being such weak asses that can't defend the damn fort. But otherwise there would be no punishment for losing battles.

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Re: Middle Earth war system

Post by Darken Rahl » 27 Nov 2017 21:41

If I don't recall wrong there were one LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago.
Not really a war system but some event thingie.
They had to shut it down, I think it lagged the machine to much.

I like the idea Alteor, but there are more things more important things to be done in Genesis before even start meddling in a system like this.

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