tally achievements/quests

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tally achievements/quests

Post by Postmaster » 12 Jan 2021 12:48

Originally posted by Thrandurin

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Hello all,

I've been checking my tallystick, the one obtained from Middle Earth (club),
and it wields some hilarious yet a bit concerning results.
I seem to have chopped ~2500 orcs and less than 25 of *anything* else since I
got it.
This might be because their bands threaten the Free Peoples or access to more
coin while doing the world a bit of good, aided by the fact that there simple
are a lot of orc enemies in the Donut but... This is still absurd, I think.
I would like to defeat new enemies and in doing so explore new locations or
even visit a continent I haven't yet, but currently there is no reason to.
Even guild-related restrictions aside and despite the fact that one's guild
might have their hands full with a handful of types of enemies, we all have
something to learn from new combat experiences, different combat issues to
solve (disarms, blinds, whatever it is).

I was thinking that we could have either quests (sounds easier to fit in the
Tower of Realms) or a new type of goal (achievements - sounds harder to do)
that reward quest experience and are based on one felling a certain amount of a
type of creature. Considering how quests work, I imagine "kill 30 orcs in
Now beyond that, more types of such tasks can follow. For example, asking
people to "duel 5 humans in Sparkle, win and bring me their shortswords" is
provoking the first taste of exploration, it's quite possible that some people
have no idea where that can be done cause it does not matter to know.
Complex traps can be set protecting a bit of treasure and experience from the
deed, finding an abandoned bandit camp (orwhatwasit) in Fearun, felling "boss"
creatures with restrictions like being solo or team average not exceeding your
Anyway, that's only a small nugget of ideas. If the whole notion makes sense to
you all, I assume that adding quests to this Tower would not be a terrible
change for the Donut and it's harmless to check if it's beneficial, in my

Thanks for your time and apologies for the rough presentation.

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